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System Six crashes PWS Design Studio

Monday 31/10/16 . Posted By: Oli Justice

It’s no secret that we love a day out of the office here at System Six – who doesn’t? Therefore, when we received an invite from our friends at PWS to go and have a nose around their state of the art Design Studio in Slough, there was no shortage of volunteers around the office.

'Trick or Treat' Sours from Tarquin's Gin

Tuesday 25/10/16 . Posted By: Oli Justice

Planning a scarily big Halloween party this weekend? Send shivers down your guest's spines with this frighteningly good potion from the witches and wizards at Tarquin's Gin - a Cornish tipple concocted in the cauldrons at Southwestern Distillery.

Tags: Recipes

Winter Warmers - Mexicana Lasagna

Friday 21/10/16 . Posted By: Oli Justice

Keep the cold at bay with the first in our brand new series of 'Winter Warmers' - Mexicana Lasagna