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Purley in Light Grey


Updated: Apr 26

If you have been looking for a sign to go green in your kitchen, this is it! Green is a colour primarily associated with nature and the feeling of calm this brings, so why not incorporate this into the busiest room in the house? Here is an easy guide on how to create a Green Kitchen the right way! Green kitchens have been steadily increasing in popularity over the last couple of years and aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.


1. Sage Green Kitchen

As a fairly light colour, Sage Green kitchens are perfect for creating a bright and airy feel in a smaller room. This colour also works well in larger rooms by evoking a sense of calm and peacefulness.

If a Sage Green Kitchen is what you are after, we recommend pairing this with one of our shaker-style doors to create that farmhouse-inspired space, with the addition of oak worktops, for a more traditional look, or a light quartz worktop for a more modern and durable space. Looking to add handles? Again , for a more traditional look we suggest either wooden handles or an Antique Brass cup, bar and knob handles or, if you’re looking for something contemporary, why not choose our Webburn door? Webburn maintains the classic shaker look but has a handle built into the door, creating a minimalistic feel that ties into the calm and open feeling of the Sage Green colour.

Sage Green kitchen

2. Dark Green Kitchen

Looking for something deeper and chicer? A dark green kitchen can be the key to a richer space. Outside of the green kitchen trend, darker colours are also rising. We love the combination of Hayle, our minimalistic shaker door, in Heritage Green with gold, or brass, rails. If you’re going to go for this style in a smaller space, we recommend choosing lighter worktops to help brighten the room and make it feel more open.

Or, if you’re a fan of the traditional style shaker kitchen, take a look at Holne in Heritage Green with the accent blank handles and dark worktops. Accenting the space with gold elements, as seen below,ties into the trend whilst brightening the space.

Anna Coles designed this gorgeous shaker kitchen using the Saltram door in Deep Forest, from the Elegance range.

In-frame deep forest

3. Duotone Kitchen

If you can’t decide which colour to choose, why not choose both? Opting for a two-tone kitchen can have lots of advantages! For example, when choosing between a light and a dark colour, use the darker tones where you want to draw people’s eyes. Your island is perfect for this as it is usually in the centre of a room and is where most people tend to congregate!

A duotone kitchen is also a great way to create contrast between colours in the room. Like in the image below, the green kitchen cabinets stand out against the white walls making their colours pop! If you had dark walls as well, the focus would shift entirely. The base cabinets would blend with the walls and the wall cabinets would then be the feature.

Duotone kitchen
This is a Keele shaker kitchen in Sage (top cabinets) and Deep Forest (Bottom cabinets), designed by Anna Coles.

Are you green with envy and want your own green kitchen? Book an appointment with one of our designers today and start creating your dream space!


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