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Kitchen appliances are a vitally important part of your kitchen and should be given considerable thought. Our experienced designers will help you narrow down your choices, explain clearly the pros and cons of all makes and models, leaving you feeling confident with your final choice.

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Vintage Pink & Light Grey Kitchen with fridge freezer


They may seem like a pretty basic part of a kitchen but with various sizes of compartments, we encourage you to consider the proportion of frozen food you use versus fresh. However, if you are an avid entertainer or have a large family, an American-style fridge freezer may suit you best. 
Long gone are the days when an ice-maker was the height of refrigeration technology. You can now check the contents of your ‘Smart’ fridge from your phone whilst at the supermarket, ensuring you only buy what you need.

Wine fridges


Connoisseurs will appreciate that temperature is the key to wine developing its full flavour. Given that different temperatures should be used for storing and serving wine, dual-zone wine cabinets cater for both occasions.

Wine fridges come in various finishes from brushed Aluminium to black glass. It is even possible to integrate this type of kitchen appliance by applying a glazed kitchen door to the front, which matches the rest of your kitchen.

Kitcehn extractors


NEFF angled cooker hoods are a winner in our book, removing the risk of bumping your head whilst checking on your dinner, whatever height you are. Elica island hoods are simply beautiful and would be better classed as a piece of furniture than an appliance. In addition to the standard wall and ceiling kitchen extractor fan applications, many appliance manufacturers have introduced built-in extraction to induction hobs, such as the Siemens StudioLine venting hob range.

Under the worktop downdraft extractor


The type of hob considered to be the best is a subject regularly debated and without a definitive answer. It is purely down to individual taste. Increasing in popularity, induction hobs are incredibly safe and will rival any gas hob at producing heat quickly, however if your favourite dish is Pad Thai then nothing beats a wok over a real flame.

Real Porcelain painted kitchen with double ovens


The most popular choice is to combine a single oven with a combi-oven, which doubles as a compact oven and microwave all in one. This provides the extra oven space you may need when entertaining and removes the need to allocate worktop space to a free-standing Microwave. Both functions of combi-ovens can also be used simultaneously. 

Some brands offer microwave functionality within a full-sized single oven, which may look neater if positioning ovens side by side rather than stacked one above the other. Whichever you choose, we encourage you to choose based predominantly on practicality when it comes to kitchen appliances.


Porcelain & Graphite

The Kittows’ jaw-dropping kitchen, utility and wardrobes were designed by Chris Phillips, our Showroom Manager. Full of hidden surprises, the kitchen has a built-in larder and a secret bespoke bar unit.


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