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The scope within kitchen design is endless, therefore trends are constantly evolving. The kitchen colours of 2020 are certainly Blue and Grey, which we have in abundance. Not only do we have plenty of ‘off-the-shelf’ shades to choose from, at System Six we also offer a Colour Match Service on selected ranges, so you can complement your chosen kitchen interior design theme perfectly.


We’re passionate about spotting upcoming kitchen design trends and are excited to share them with you here. Emerging themes include gold/brass accessories, rustic-style wood grains and matt black. Impressive kitchens can be created based on any one of these elements but a fusion of all 3 is spectacular. Which leads us neatly on to industrial kitchens, another 2020 trend which uses raw, unfinished materials to create an urban, warehouse look.



Your final kitchen design will be based on many factors such as your personal style, who uses the kitchen, where the kitchen is located and the type of home you have. As a result, these are the type of questions you can expect when you speak to a System Six designer, who will guide you through the whole process. However, should you want to plan ahead, here is plenty of information to get you started.

Bellever in Regiment & Dove Grey


We manufacture our own kitchen cabinetry in a factory located right behind our showroom in Exeter. This affords us complete control over how our cabinets are made and provides you and your designer free reign to explore kitchen design features you may previously have thought unachievable. To ensure we deliver on quality, our bespoke kitchens are made to order using a combination of precision machinery and manual craftmanship.


There are far more kitchen design layout options than you may realise, especially given that System Six kitchens can conform to the contours of your room. Our most sought-after layout is simply a kitchen island design, incorporating a seating area (often called a Breakfast Bar), as it creates a social area where everyone in the family can congregate whilst meals are being prepared. However, a peninsular island (an island attached to a wall) serves the same purpose but works better in a smaller space. For further ideas on islands and any other layout, speak to one of our designers today – they love being given the chance to get creative.


Whether you’d like to combine clothes washing facilities into your kitchen or create a separate utility room, we will advise on the best way to devise an area that is as functional and practical as possible.


Extend your dream kitchen into your living space with tailored furniture for dining, lounge and office areas. We have created a number of specific cabinets for these purposes, such as sideboards, entertainment units, drinks cabinets and coffee tables, however the scope is limitless.


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