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Contemporary Shaker Kitchen Style


Our aim is to make your kitchen work around you. Much of how we achieve this is down to incorporating fitted kitchen storage that suits the way you cook and shop. However, we never let function get in the way of style and here are plenty of ways in which you can achieve both.

kitchen pantry and larder unit


Pantries (you’ll also hear these referred to as larders) are for storing large quantities of food items and can also house worktop appliances, mixing bowls, cast iron pots etc. They were originally separate nooks, or even rooms, but modern larders are usually spacious cabinets within the kitchen. Their perceived size often doesn’t do their actual capacity justice; even a 600mm-wide cabinet (the same width as a washing machine) will accommodate far more than a large shopping trolley’s worth of goods.


Kitchen storage doesn’t need to be purely practical though; it can be beautiful too. Our bespoke, oak larders always provide serious ‘wow’ factor, as well as plenty of intrigue. With a designated nook, shelf or drawer for each item, these stunning cabinets will keep you and your kitchen essentials perfectly organised. Find out more in our dedicated blog by clicking the button below.

Baking pantry larder


Making your kitchen work for you isn’t just about the layout, or aesthetics, it’s about what goes on behind the doors. We will provide you with as much or as little storage as you need, and design it to fit your specific items. However, keeping those items organised is always best practice. In our Kitchen Organisation blog, we help you chuck out what you don’t need and determine what you do need. With those items you need to keep, we have tips on everything from the ideal shelf heights to storage containers.

Decorative kitchen cabinets


A splash of real wood in an otherwise painted kitchen gives the timber the focus it deserves. These beautiful, decorative units establish character, giving shaker kitchens extra traditional charm. Cabinet variations range from chopping boards and trays to book shelves and wine racks.

Smart corner storage


Every inch of your kitchen should be practical and useable. Pots, pans and even food can be left in the dark recesses of old corner cupboards, unforgotten, unloved and possibly unsanitary! Ensure every inch of your kitchen storage space is practical and useful by including clever mechanisms such as this. As the door opens, the front two shelves move with it, making way for the back two shelves to slide forward simultaneously.

Ontop worktop kitchen dressers


Dressers used to be free-standing pieces of furniture but they often now sit harmoniously within the main body of the kitchen.

We love traditional dressers boasting glazed doors, which turn your glassware and crockery from necessities into accessories, absorbing them into the overall kitchen design. You can choose to display clear glass and ornaments colour-matched to the rest of the kitchen, or you could use this as an opportunity to inject splashes of colour and bold patterns.

Different textures and finishes can be added in other ways too. Choose a contrasting cabinet material with a tactile woodgrain finish or line the back of your dresser with a sheet of antique glass or a funky, patterned wallpaper. Whatever method you choose, your style and personality has plenty of space to shine through.

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Clever kitchen shelving ideas


All System Six cabinetry comes with internal, adjustable shelves but what about items that are far too nice to hide behind a door or you use multiple times a day? The pot of tea bags certainly sees the most action in our showroom!
There are so many beautiful forms of open kitchen shelving that will add to the overall aesthetic, whichever interior décor theme you choose. We’ve collated many different kitchen shelving options right here, so you can draw inspiration for your own project. From Design Cubes to Mantles, floating shelves to glass shelves, you’ll find a design that meets your kitchen storage desires.

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