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Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Kitchen shelving can play such a big role, from more storage space to adding to the overall aesthetic of the room. Here is our one-stop shop for all your shelving wants and desires, helping you to find a style that matches your interior décor theme.



A mantel shelf is described by Collins Dictionary as ‘a wooden or stone frame around the opening of a fireplace, together with its decorative facing’. The initial purpose of a mantel was to stop fireplace smoke from entering a room but it now serves both decorative and practical purposes and is commonly added to an in-frame or shaker-style kitchen.

This particular style of mantle kitchen shelving is made from Ash, painted to match the rest of the cabinetry, and is supported by beautifully carved corbals, which frame the extensive cooking area. However, you could choose a stunning Walnut shelf or a chunky piece of Oak, set into the wall itself.

A beautiful addition all on its own, a mantle shelf could be left as it is or used to display keepsakes, cards or photos.



Design Cubes are the perfect addition to any kitchen walls, especially if you’re going for a linear or modern look. The black metal frames and open sides create an understated industrial or urban feel, which can either be enhanced or played down by your choice of shelving finish – there are over 20 options, from various woodgrain effects to uniform colours.

Minimalistic in nature, these kitchen wall shelves will make a statement in any space. They can be used practically, for crockery storage or food jars, or can be used as a decorative piece to showcase photos or your favourite household plants! The brilliant thing about these shelves is they can be arranged in any formation; have them side by side, above and below, diagonally, or as single, individual elements.



Wood-effect kitchen shelving looks amazing, but it looks even better with lighting. A strip light is inlaid towards the front of the underside of each shelf and is angled backwards slightly, in order to highlight ornaments below and to avoid dazzling onlookers. These kitchen wall shelves are best used in a small space, as they optimise the areas of your kitchen that would usually be left bare, and the lighting can make the space appear much larger. LED strip lights are excellent because they are extremely energy efficient and will last an incredibly long time. Choose Warm White, Cool White or colour-changing LEDs.

Spotlights are a brilliant alternative and add a different lighting effect. Rather than consistent light along the length of the shelves, they radiate arcs of light, highlighting specific areas on the shelf or worktop below.



Moving away from kitchen wall shelves, let’s look at a kitchen shelving unit. From a freestanding bookcase to built-in open island storage, this type of shelving works for so many purposes. We love the way the books (on the shelves pictured above left) have been arranged in colour order. The flowing plants bring life and texture to the whole composition.



Floating kitchen shelves have no visible supports, appearing to hover in mid-air. However, expertly installed, these shelves can bear considerable weight. The simple design works perfectly in a true handleless kitchen. A true handleless kitchen swaps handles for recessed rails, so floating shelves work in perfect harmony with this design approach.



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