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Updated: Apr 26


[pantree] noun.

The dictionary definition of a pantry is: “a small room or large cupboard in a house, usually near the kitchen, where food is kept”. Look up the word ‘larder’ and you’ll find an almost identical description. However you choose to describe them, these cupboards are so much more than their definition implies and certainly one of the best additions to your new kitchen! With so many different options to choose from, we have broken them down to give you the ultimate pantry and larder guide.



Opening your new walk-in larder cupboard feels like stepping into Narnia! The capacity of these cabinets is huge, stretching right back into the corner of a room and using every inch of space.

The deep, L-shaped shelves allow for unobscured storage space that can be easily organised and reached, especially as you can literally walk into the larder, thanks to its L-shaped base.

For genius ways in which to organise your cupboards, check out our blog on Kitchen Organisation.

As an optional extra, choose to illuminate your kitchen larder cupboard with strip LED lights that turn on upon opening the door and turn off as you close them. Although it seems like magic, the lights are controlled by a small sensor.

Corner storage unit with wine rack

We also offer a version with a full-height wine rack on one side, which hold around 16 bottles, depending on which height you choose.

Not a big wine fan? Why not use the rack for cordial and other soft drinks? Or remove some of the shelves and neatly store your cereal boxes.

To find out how customers Erika and Simon use the larder cupboard in their System Six kitchen, read their story here.

Another form of walk-in pantry can be seen below, using a flat wall rather than a corner. The central pantry unit has been made much deeper than those on either side, allowing space not only to walk inside but also for the addition

n of a handy step ladder - providing easy access to every shelf



Elegant Premium Pantry unit

Looking for something slightly more rustic in style? Upgrade your pantry storage with this stunning cabinet full of real wood features, from coffee pod drawers to wine racks.

There are numerous possible configurations; swap the wine rack for a glass holder, the spice drawers for a full-width cutlery drawer or really simplify things by swapping the top half for straightforward shelves.

See how customers Sarah & Jim designed their pantry, here.

Looking to spice things up in your pantry? Why not add a spice rack to each door? These are perfect for utilising every part of your cupboard space whilst keeping your cinnamon sticks organised. Each rack fits neatly between the door and internal shelving, so you won’t have to compromise on storage space.

Engraving drawers

You’ve heard of a bread bin, here’s the bread drawer… the cake drawer, the pasta drawer or the crisp drawer. Choose your own inscriptions to help you can keep track of what’s where. This pantry cupboard even features 7 miniature spice drawers. All Oak drawers are beautifully assembled using dovetail joints.



Baking Pantry unit

This is everybody’s Great British Bake Off dream come true! A pantry cupboard that not only stores all your baking necessities but can be used as a functional working space too.

Kitted out with an electrical socket and integrated lighting, this pantry is somewhere you can actually prepare your recipe, ready for baking. The slab of cold granite is the perfect surface on which to knead dough or roll out pastry and the drawers underneath make sure cutlery, cutters and baking tins are always within reach.

The deep, oak drawers also take clutter away from valuable cupboard space in other areas of the kitchen and keep all your baking equipment in one place. Very durable and easy to wipe clean, the pantry drawers will hold up to 40kg of weight, so pretty much everything but the kitchen sink!

This baking pantry is a firm favourite with our customers and designers alike!

Baking pantry unit with shelving and spice rack

The upper shelving in this baking pantry is perfect for displaying and holding all your favourite ingredients. Quick Tip – store your dry goods, such as flour, dried fruit, sugar etc. higher up as they are long-lasting.

If you’re looking for some more organisation inspiration then pop over to our Instagram page and see how our customers style their pantries.

You can also drop into our showroom for a browse at any time.



Breakfast pantry

This chic breakfast pantry is on display in our Exeter showroom. Breakfast pantries are brilliant for growing families and can be designed to suit your exact needs; the location and amount of shelves can be adjusted to accommodate the specific items you want to store.

Here, we have used the top shelves to keep various kinds of cereal and the next one down holds bowls and cups. On the worktop, you’ll find the toaster and bread bin and underneath is a drawer of cutlery. Everything you need for breakfast, all in one place!

When contemplating pantry storage, it’s important to think about how you’re going to use each part. If you want clutter-free, clean worktops, you could house your microwave, toaster, blender etc within the cabinet and add electrical sockets at the back, allowing these appliances to be used in situ.



Are you one of the lucky few with room to spare? Create a traditional pantry room in the coldest area of the house, preferably with external walls. This will help keep its contents fresher for longer.

Pantry room

Walk in pantry room

Intrigued to know what other storage options are available to you? Take a look at our Kitchen Storage page.



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