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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

At System Six Kitchens, striving to be more environmentally friendly is core to who we are and what we believe as a company.

Because we manufacture our own kitchens, we have complete control over how our waste is disposed. This enables us to continuously optimise and improve our recycling methods, which significantly lowers our carbon footprint.

Here are five methods that are implemented to make sure that we are a more sustainable and environmentally friendly company.

1. Our System Six Showroom Designers are switching to Electric Cars! Using a renewable energy source to power our daily travels helps to create a more sustainable future and avoids unnecessary carbon emissions being released into our fragile atmosphere. The first Volkswagon ID.3 is arriving this week. 2. Speaking of electricity, we are now able to generate electricity using contemporary methods such as the use of Solar Panels. This energy is used to help power our offices, our showroom and even our factory! 3. System Six kitchen cabinets are made from up to 40% recycled material. The remaining 60% is sourced from sustainable forestry so our kitchens are not only made from the finest materials, but also from the most eco-friendly. Sensitive to environmental responsibilities, we have ensured all our wood products are fully certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). 4. As System Six Kitchens is in the heart of Marsh Barton in Exeter, we are well within walking distance for the local population which avoids unnecessary driving and therefore the reduction of air pollution generated by traffic. When it comes to delivering kitchens, our team of drivers will be travelling a much shorter distance to your home, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. 5. We make sure to recycle all our polythene and cardboard waste which is collected and disposed of correctly by Devon Contract Waste. We also compact and distribute our left-over polystyrene to local businesses who repurpose it for their needs. Additionally, left-over pallets are offered to the local community.

6. Finally, at System Six Kitchens, we work constantly to check that all our scrap metal is recycled correctly at the local Sims metal management. This ensures that all types of metals are processed and recycled properly. By keeping our scrap metal recycling local, we significantly minimise the CO2 emissions created by larger and longer transportation methods. We are actively working towards a carbon-neutral future and recognise our responsibility in searching for and implementing more optimal methods that will help us to achieve this goal. For more information about our sustainable range of kitchens or some fresh ideas on kitchen designs, please click here.


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