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Purley in Light Grey


Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Move over white kitchens, darker and moodier kitchens are here! Dark green, navy and black kitchens are rising in popularity, and these powerful schemes help to inject an abundance of striking character right into the heart of your home. With warm lighting, this refined and atmospheric feel looks far from gloomy. Combine deeper hues with elements such as stone, copper or distressed wood for a sophisticated effect. As the kitchen is the centre of the home, why not go big and bold?


Dark Cabinets's-True-Handleless-Kitchen
Linden & Manston. Read case study

We have seen navy and black Shaker kitchens dominating the renovation game recently, and there is no sign of it slowing down. Darker shades and hues can transform a room from bland and cavernous into a cosy, deliberately chic space. In the past, people may have thought of their kitchen as a place meant only for cooking and cleaning, but now, many families prefer to eat or just hang out in this room, which is why building a comfortable environment is so important.


Brilliantly bright or dark and dreamy?

If you want the kitchen to feel light and airy, we suggest you use lighter colours on the walls, worktops and for splashbacks as this creates contrast and can make your dark cabinetry stand out even more! Light worktops and flooring are also a great way to reflect light around the room, making it feel lighter, brighter, and more spacious!

If you want to embrace the dark, moody and cosy feeling that comes with a dark blue or black kitchen, layer the dark colours on top of each other to create a sultry and sophisticated look. Dark-on-dark colours work well together because they absorb the light, creating a cosier feeling.


Metallic Elements

Bold accents are a great way to finish your dark kitchen. The striking contrast of exquisite gold handles enhance luxurious rich hues like navy blue or dark green. A gold tap, gold cabinet hardware, or gold accents on the light fixtures are all great options!

If gold isn't your thing, you could also use aluminium or bronze to provide a refined finishing touch to your room. This is a wonderful place to experiment with different accent techniques while bringing out the mood and character of the area.


Kitchen Lighting
Manston in black. View kitchen style here

Lighting is important in a dark kitchen as it sets the atmospheric tone. Clever, warm lighting can elevate a fantastic kitchen into an extraordinary space. There are endless lighting options available and well-placed lighting has the power to change a kitchen area completely. In addition, to functional lighting, over-cabinet and under-cabinet lighting is excellent for accentuating sections of the kitchen and creating ambience. Plinth lighting is also perfect for adding depth to the kitchen and illuminating a darker floor.


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