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Purley in Light Grey


System Six Kitchens prides itself for setting the trend! We are now offering smooth shaker style doors in a range of colours, from the stylish greys to the more unusual colours of Cranberry and Cornflower.

The Smooth Shaker style doors allow anyone to combine the luxury of classic design with the much loved clean lined, smooth texture of a modern kitchen. Our suppliers have not skimped on the details; they offer a range of accessories in both modern and classical styles to suit any kitchen design.

PWS Fitzroy in Porcelain and Stone are highly fashionable colours to mix. As pictured below the Fitzroy style the perfect balance between Modern and Classical, this kitchen would look fantastic in a traditional style property but would equally look just as fabulous in a modern home. The Fitzroy is available in 4 stylish colours, Porcelain, Stone, Almond and Partridge Grey.

Uform are offering two styles of smooth shaker the first of which is pictured below in a traditional style kitchen. As you can see the beautiful Georgia doors do not look out of place against the traditional features of the room, such as the oak beams and range style cooker.

However, some tastes find these doors quite simple if you are looking for a little more detailed style, Uform are offering the Florence. The Florence Door has the added detail of internal beading decorating the central panel. The Florence and Georgia styles are available in 21 colours, ranging from the classic brilliant white to the beautifully elegant Lava.

The Fitzroy, Florence and Georgia ranges both offer more traditional accessories such as plate racks, and over mantles. The Florence and Georgia ranges even offer an attractive Pastry Bench, which would enhance any island design.



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