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Sliding wardrobe doors


There are numerous reasons why sliding wardrobes remain very popular but the predominant factor is space. The doors move sideways rather than outwards requiring much less floor space and are ideal for small rooms. You can also save on wall space by combining a floor-length mirror and sliding doors all in one.

Our built-in sliding wardrobes can be made in bespoke sizes, ensuring they fit the contours of your room precisely. There are also myriad glass and wood panel choices as well as panel configurations. Speak to a designer today for further information.


Your bedroom should be a place of tranquillity, a calm space that promotes restful sleep at the end of hectic days. Our aptly named ‘Sanctuary’ range of fitted bedroom furniture is designed around the features of your room, providing you with both beautiful and practical storage.

woodgrain bedroom


System Six fitted wardrobes can be custom-made, allowing you to make the most of every inch of available space. Unlike free-standing furniture, built-in wardrobes can fill the entire space between two walls, and even up to the ceiling. We can also create bespoke units around sloped ceilings.

Inside your wardrobe, choose from numerous accessories such as pull-out shelves for shoes and tie dividers. Single and double hanging spaces can be ordered, accommodating long and short pieces of clothing. Alternatively, choose a unit with hanging space above and drawers below, the ideal all-round storage unit when space is at a premium.

bedside cabinet


As a relatively small piece of bedroom furniture, bedside tables can be overlooked but just think about how many times you use them each day. We have a number of different designs from open shelving, to double drawers to full cupboards, depending on whether you want any of your possessions on display.


Such a useful item of furniture, a dressing table doesn’t just promote tidiness but creates a handy home for all of your smaller personal items. Whether getting ready for a night out, sprucing up for an important meeting or simply trying to tease your wayward hair into a style, your dressing table provides easy access to everything you need.


At System Six, we are a massive advocate of drawers. They will always make the most use of your space and allow the best access to contents. Our drawers are made from sturdy 18mm MFC so rigidity need never be a concern.


If you have space for a walk-in wardrobe then make the absolute most if it. Also referred to as a dressing room, this sought-after luxury is designed to showcase your clothes, not just house them. Each element of our walk-in wardrobes is completely customisable, from the height of the hanging rails to the number of drawers. This ensures no space is wasted below short garments and enough length is allowed for ballgowns.


For those items you are truly proud of, highlight them with integral lighting built into the shelves, which can be turned on and off with the main room switch.



We want to make time for you. Book your free design appointment today.


Download a copy of our brochure and start your kitchen project today.

kitchen pantry


As a manufacturer, we are old hands at making bespoke cabinetry.


Take inspiration from real kitchens in real homes.


We provide a 10 year guarantee on all System Six fitted bedroom furniture. In the extremely unlikely event that any of the doors, drawer fronts or cabinets should fail, we will replace or repair the faulty item free of charge. Please ask a designer for full terms and conditions.


We offer a Buy Now Pay Later scheme on both fitted bedrooms and kitchens, which allows you to pay for your furniture up to 12 months after the date of installation. As usual, there are many terms that apply to this finance offer and our staff will be happy to advise you further.

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