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Purley in Light Grey


Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Minimalist kitchens are still proving incredibly popular, and why wouldn’t they? It’s the age-old story of less is more.

The trend towards reducing unnecessary clutter prevails, and with customers looking towards surrounding themselves with the essentials, kitchens are being designed with simplicity in mind. While modern, minimalist kitchens are generally made for an organised soul, there is still hope for the rest of us. We have tips for the hoarders and organised alike, so anyone can pull together ideas of how to create a minimalist kitchen and get started on a kitchen design:

  • Storage is a huge factor when it comes to creating a minimalist kitchen. This is especially true if you can’t bear to part with some of your, for want of a better word, clutter. With plenty of storage you can keep all free-standing appliances and miscellaneous items out of view. Of course, we haven’t even mentioned all the mechanisms we have on offer to maximise available storage space, including Magic Corners, pull-out larders and options such as open shelving.

  • If you’d like a minimalist, concealed kitchen which has been designed to obscure areas and elements of the kitchen, make sure you look into pocket doors. The design of this kitchen opening mechanism means you can shut away a cabinet area when you choose to, for example a bar or coffee station, and keep it open when it’s in use. This means the busier elements of your kitchen will be shut away, and you can maintain your minimal aesthetic.

  • When it comes to choosing your kitchen style, if you’re in the market for a simplistic kitchen, we recommend choosing a handleless door. We have plenty of styles available, from true handleless designs to J profile options. Both are stunning options, and with the additional choice of opting for a plain slab door with a handle, you’re sure to find the perfect option that is compatible with your budget. All our handleless, slab kitchen door styles are fuss free and can be easily accessorised so you can cultivate your dream minimalist kitchen.

  • Another key point when creating a minimalist kitchen, is integrating as many appliances as possible. Free-standing appliances take up a lot of space, and they break up the lines of your kitchen. Maintaining clear surfaces and a simple silhouette is a significant design aspect of minimalist kitchens. Instead of including a free-standing fridge or microwave you can hide built-in fridges behind doors and opt for a combi oven, so your microwave and oven are combined, take up less space and are integrated into the kitchen design.

  • Colour schemes are another element that play a significant part in cultivating a minimalist kitchen. Conventionally, minimalist kitchens are designed in subtle, neutral shades, such as white, porcelain, light grey and cashmere. We recommend keeping your colour palette to a minimum, opting for one or two core shades to use throughout, with gentle pastels incorporated as an accent if more colour is desired. It’s all about keeping things simple, by finding the balance of the placement and amount of colour required to create a modern, minimalist kitchen. Of course, there is the option of choosing a dark and moody minimal kitchen, which is something you can explore further in our blog on Scandi Noir kitchen design.

  • You might be concerned your minimalist kitchen will be too clinical with the reduction in displayed personal items, however there are ways of overcoming this, and creating a warm and inviting space! By including greenery, such as pot plants and even other organic objects that are more practical than ornamental, such as real wood chopping boards and other timber accessories, all make a difference. Natural products add significant warmth to the space and by adding plant life, this has the bonus of benefitting mental health and wellbeing.

These are just a few general tips on creating a minimalist kitchen. However, with the bespoke range of kitchens we have available, the System Six Design Team can certainly assist further in tailoring your minimalist kitchen to both your needs and your home.


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