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Purley in Light Grey


Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Scandinavian design has experienced a surge in popularity over the past few years, with minimal whitewashed walls and pale wooden accessories dominating homes. However, with burgeoning trends featuring more dramatic shades, many seem to be stepping away from this light and bright aesthetic. This is where Scandi Noir design comes in. This emerging design offers a dark twist on the popular Nordic style, maintaining the simplicity of the style and the inclusion of organic accessories whilst moving towards dark, rich colours, to create a moody interior. Unsurprisingly, this theme has made its way into the heart of the home, with blue kitchens, black kitchens and dark green kitchens finding themselves in the spotlight.

To integrate Scandi Noir design into your kitchen, we have some tips below:

  • No matter the size of your room, Scandi Noir kitchens can be created. Dark colours don’t have to be daubed on every surface and wall, Scandi Noir can include shades in varying depths and intensities scattered throughout the room. When it comes to incorporating this effect within your kitchen, you can design a space that includes anything from dark blue kitchens with walls in a matching colour, to black kitchens with pale flooring and splashback. Walls that offer a darker intensity are better suited to larger rooms, whilst smaller rooms are ideal for a dark kitchen paired with lighter walls and flooring, so the space doesn’t take on a claustrophobic feel.

  • Just like Nordic design, Scandi Noir is about texture. Don’t be shy about combining different textures, whether you choose to opt for silky matt doors and sit these alongside a wood grained door or create a snug within your kitchen that features bench seating with layers of throws and blankets consisting of different materials and finishes.

  • A simple colour palette defines Scandi Noir, with subdued colours creating a laidback feel, and each shade offering a similar tone. When looking to create a kitchen using this theme, we recommend revolving your design around navy kitchens, forest green kitchens and black kitchens. Once you’ve chosen a base colour, from there you can opt for a few complementary shades, working with grey’s, subdued teals or washed whites to achieve the edgy and minimal, yet surprisingly warm design.

  • Organic material plays a big part in creating Scandi Noir kitchens. Natural components act as neutralisers when designing dark kitchens, working to soften the design and offering a cosy space. Organic elements can be included in many forms, from wooden worktops to foliage such as pot plants and integral elements like real wood floors. Quartz worktops are another aspect of the design that are perfect for Scandi Noir kitchens. By opting for a light colour quartz surface, this balances out dark kitchens, whilst working to add another natural element into the kitchen.

Scandi Noir design is modern, edgy and offers surprising warmth. The design can be embraced within any home, as the degree of this dark aesthetic is up to the individual. The simplicity of this style makes it a perfect option for a kitchen design and allows for both blue kitchens and dark green kitchens to have a place within this interior design style as they provide a softer edge. With organic touches scattered throughout, you can create the perfect moody, dark kitchen within your home. For more ideas and tips to implement this style within your own home, chat with the System Six Designers.


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