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Purley in Light Grey


In modern life, more and more of our customers are asking for a practical kitchen - something that doesn't require maintenance and is easy to clean.

Based on these requirements and current trends then a Matt J Handle kitchen such as this Remo (shown below) ticks all of the boxes.

Smarter Storage...

Making the most of every nook and cranny is something that we pride ourselves on. Space in the kitchen is incredibly important and considered at all stages of the design. Utilising the latest in storage elements we find the perfect balance between design and practicality.

Combining open shelves with clever drawer storage solutions allows quick access to items and helps maximise available space.

Sink storage shown here allows all of the space to be used to ensure that where you would normally lose a drawer, you now have a space to keep all of you kitchen cleaning items.

The Easy to clean option...

Matt colours have become hugely popular in kitchen design over the last 12 months with more and more colours becoming available. In most cases Matt options are cheaper than gloss and are also considered to be a lot more practical. Matt kitchens are easier to clean and are much less susceptible to smudges and fingerprints than Gloss kitchens.

Wiping down your Matt kitchen gives an instant refresh and takes the kitchen back to its original glory without the need to scrub and polish, which is required in Gloss kitchens to ensure the perfect shine.

The J Handle could be considered a dust and crumb trap but its sleek, flat lines mean this issue is kept to a minimum. The little that may accumulate can easily be removed by running a cloth along the handle, a process that takes just a second.

When cleaning your worktop, the J Handle provides a useful ridge which a chopping board can be rested on, so wiping down work surfaces can be completed easily whilst ensuring all of the crumbs end up where they belong.

Buy Now, Pay Later

As Exeter's premier kitchen showroom we are able to also offer practical payment terms to go with our practical kitchens. We are currently offering no interest on our Buy Now, Pay Later, where customers can order their kitchens and have them delivered now and pay for them in 12 months. Terms and conditions apply, subject to status and acceptance. For full details please speak to your kitchen designer.



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