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Whenever we are asked to work with an avid cook to help them craft their dream kitchen then we know that the planning stage of the kitchen is more important than ever. The kitchen needs to look the part, but most importantly it needs to function well. It needs to allow the creativity and flair of the individual to shine through in the cuisine that emerges from within. This alone makes functional kitchen design no mean feat.

Our kitchen designers have the experience and know-how to ensure that space is used wisely and to the best possible effect. Over the years as trends change we have learnt what works best and how to create a work space that is symbiotic with the cooking enthusiast.

When thinking about your new kitchen, consider some of the following ideas and how they would fit in with your lifestyle or cooking aspirations.

Do your ingredients justice

You only have to read the introduction to any modern cookery book or watch just one cookery based television show to understand how important high quality ingredients are. Not only is the quality of your ingredients important but so is how you look after them.

Fresh is the new word in cooking and it is important to ensure that after buying the freshest ingredients possible, that they are looked after in your kitchen. The hydroFresh from Siemens is a drawer system that keeps fruit and vegetables fresh for twice as long.

hydroFresh is available in many of the Siemens fridges offered by our showroom and combined with the intelligent sensor technology behind vitaControl you can be assured that your ingredients are in safe hands.

With more and more people opting to cook from scratch having ingredients stored in the correct manner not only saves money but also gives you the best results.

Clever Storage

With less time searching cluttered cupboards and more time to show your creative flair this is the ultimate cook’s dream. Everything kept out of the way and then available to hand at a moment's notice.

Clever storage isn't just about making the most of a set amount of space; It is about making sure that everything is carefully stored in the right place so that it is easily accessible at the right time. Spend less time looking for that secret ingredient and more time enjoying your cooking.

Cooking on the level

Having both cooking and chilling appliances at eye level makes a big difference to cooking. You are less likely to miss the cake going over in the oven or spending hours looking for that piece of ginger in the fridge that you know is in there somewhere. With ovens, useful features include the telescopic rails that allow easy access to meals that need frequent attention, without needing to take anything out of the oven. Neff's innovative Slide&Hide first made a splash on the Great British Bake-off but has been hugely popular since.

An area to prepare

All cooking enthusiasts understand the necessity for the correct amount of space to work in. Work space is a key consideration in kitchen design and not having enough work space can make the simplest of recipes a culinary disaster. A dishwasher is now considered an essential in most households. As pots and pans are no longer required they are loaded into the dishwasher (TIP: Empty your clean dishwasher before you start cooking so you have space to clear dirty items into), this keeps the sink clear to be used to drain into and allows clutter free access to water. In busy, large kitchens, more and more customers are opting for two dishwashers. This is particularly useful for large functions including dinner parties and the annual feast at Christmas! Having a dishwasher on and still having space to load in dirty crockery should not be under-rated and is something that you can discuss with your designer. Food preparation is often one of the most time consuming aspects of many recipes and having the space and tools to hand can help to cut down this seemingly monotonous yet vital task. Clear work surfaces with quick access to the tools you need for a particular task, whether it be a food processor or your trusty chef's knife. The OrgaLine solution from Blum allows you to keep everything out of sight, but with quick access and maximised use of space.

Advances in Cooking Technology

More and more cooking technologies are now accessible to the home cook having been tried and tested in catering environments over previous years. Previously hailed as gimmicks, more and more people understand how cooking technologies such as induction hobs and steam ovens can deliver better results. Induction is no longer considered new or breakthrough but the recent advances in induction technology allow more flexible cooking and additional accessories to the home cook.

Don't air your dirty laundry in the kitchen

Having a separate utility room from your kitchen is a welcome layout for most cooks. Keeping cleaning products and washing appliances out of the kitchen frees up valuable space for more of the cooking gadgets you love and also means that your cooking space is exactly that: a space for cooking.

Utility Rooms offer space to ensure all the non-cooking related requirements of your kitchen are kept out of the kitchen.

Enjoy your results and not the mess

Once you have finished your culinary masterpiece it is important that you have time to enjoy it. Cooking doesn't have to be a messy affair with the right kitchen. Having already mentioned the importance of dishwashers, it is worth highlighting the easy clean nature of induction which can be cleaned straight after cooking and will wipe clean in no time at all. Self-cleaning ovens are now available so that you can have your oven working for you after the cooking is over. Heating the oven to 480 degrees centigrade burns away all dirt and grime, saving time and money as heavy duty oven cleaners are becoming a thing of the past. If you would like to discuss any of these ideas with one our kitchen designers then please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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