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It may sound like an obvious statement but effective storage in your kitchen design is essential to any successfully functioning kitchen. At System Six Kitchens we aim to give our customers ample storage space without compromising on the design of their dream kitchen. It is also important when planning your kitchen to not only think about how the user will initially use their kitchen but also how they will use their kitchen in 5 years and even 10 years time. For example, a hypothetical couple, newly married buy your kitchen; it would not be unreasonable to consider that in 10 years time they may have a family and the way they use their kitchen would therefore change. At System Six Kitchens we aim to future proof your kitchen as much as possible.

Our Designer, Anna, says that

“When designing kitchens I feel that it is very important that the kitchen design has adequate storage so that the worktops can be cleared when the kitchen is not in use. We offer a huge range of innovative storage solutions that will suit any budget and style of kitchen. The motto to all my designs is a clear worktop is a happy worktop!”

Corners in kitchen design can be the make or break of any design. Notoriously, these are the areas in the kitchens that are awkward to access and are often not used to their full potential.

Our Standard Corner Units are sold with just one shelf and no mechanism. The benefit of this standard unit are the price is kept down, ideal for a rental property, however it can be difficult to access the items stored at the back of the unit. When considering your corner storage is it recommended that you think about your future mobility and what items you will be storing in your corner units.

Le Mans corner mechanisms are 2 kidney bean shaped platforms that swing out of the corner unit thus making it easier to access the back corner of the unit. Due to the shape of the platforms the end user will not be able to utilise the maximum amount of storage. However, by swinging the platform out of the cupboard the end user is able to access the back of the unit without having to bend, ideal if your end user has mobility issues.

The carousel option is available in Semi Circular, ¾ Circular and full Circular options. The shelves rotate for easy access to the user’s stored items. The shelves are adjustable so they can be placed at different heights to suit the user.

The Magic Corner Mechanism has a series of wire work drawers, they are ideal with users with reduced mobility. The Magic Corner Mechanism makes it effortless to access and easy to see the contents of the unit. Just open the door, pull the handle and the front shelves glide clear of the unit, whilst pulling the back shelves to the front of the unit. The Magic Corners allow the user to maximise the storage in the unit whilst still being able to access with ease, and this is why it is Anna’s preferred corner storage solution.

For more information, contact our showroom on 01392 285945 to discuss storage options with one of our designers.



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