Kat and Des browsed through Pinterest board after Pinterest board until they found the perfect kitchen inspiration for their home. From there, they visited the System Six showroom where they were able to create their dream kitchen.


They had prepared a list of places they’d like to visit, however once they’d visited the showroom and talked to their soon to be designer, Anna, Sarah and Adrian decided they wouldn’t go anywhere else.


Reaching the point where Kat and Des were happy with the design was a relatively fast process. After they showed Carly what they wanted, she explained to them her initial ideas. From there, the couple provided Carly with feedback and after a few more adjustments they decided on a layout they were happy with. Des and Kat found Carly listened to what they wanted and turned their vision into a reality.

The kitchen was ordered as part of the renovations being undertaken in Des and Kat’s new home. A component of transforming the new house into their home, involved replacing the original kitchen with a design that was more reflective of who they are and their personal taste. During the kitchen renovation, other work to the house was arranged, which resulted in Carly monitoring the situation and arranging deadlines based on other work, such as the completion of flooring. Kat and Des found Carly very flexible and organised. Overall, the couple felt everything went exceptionally well, especially considering the number of contractors they were coordinating.

The couple opted for quartz worktops from Steve Bristow Stone Masonry, both for the worktops and the splashback, which was chosen to continue the flow of the design. Des and Kat were pleased with the installation team from Steve Bristow’s, who they found very professional.

Kat and Des additionally contracted System Six fitter, Pete, who they found did a very precise job on fitting the kitchen.

Overall, what really made the process easy and simple for Des and Kat was Carly’s communication. There wasn’t any time throughout the design or installation of the kitchen where they didn’t know what was going on. The couple felt Carly provided amazing customer service, and, considering how complex buying and installing a kitchen can be, she made it incredibly simple for them.


For Kat and Des it was difficult to choose one element of the kitchen they like the best. They love the lighting and the quartz, which when combined, keeps the space bright and open. The Linden Tobacco Halifax Oak door and the handles provide depth and richness to the design. Ultimately, Des and Kat feel like they have chosen exactly the right materials, which work together perfectly, and have resulted in an amazing kitchen.

The couple also find the design works well with their family. Having space for the dining table in the kitchen ensures they are all in there together every day and have dinner together regularly.

To sum up their experience with System Six, Kat said, “System Six provided excellent quality, which combined (with their) customer service, gave us the kitchen of our dreams.”