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Purley in Light Grey


Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Understated elegance and flawless craftsmanship are what we’ve come to expect from Scandinavian design. Handcrafted and simple, Spekva worktops do not stray from this theme.

Manufactured in Denmark these wooden worktops are completely authentic and designed to create a seamless and fluid feel within your kitchen space, which both magnifies functionality and is effortlessly stylish. This is demonstrated via the Spekva worktop displayed in the System Six showroom.

Spekva maximises simplicity in engineering, with tongue and groove joints enabling pieces to be fitted together as effectively as a jigsaw. By keeping the joins exposed, the purity of the natural materials is highlighted and this emphasises the skill that has been employed to yield the worktop. However, this manufacturing decision is for far more than just visual appeal, it also creates a larger surface area for glue to be applied, resulting in a stronger worktop.

Not only is the construction of the worktop engineered to maximise longevity, the wood itself is chosen for that purpose. The most environmentally friendly timber used for Spekva products are the Brasilica and Bavarian, which are fully Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and sourced from man-made plantations. The trees used to make these Spekva worktops are cut down when they reach maturity and injected with a natural compound of proteins, amino acids and dye from ground flowers. This converts a soft wood into a hard wood with the same density as oak. However, Brasilica and Bavarian are only two of the types of timber available, for more information about the full range, feel free to get in touch with the System Six Kitchens team.

The construction of the worktop is reflected in the 30-year guarantee included, which, combined with the high-quality materials used, means your Spekva surface is sure to be a long-lasting feature within your home.

Due to the natural components of the worktop, these wooden surfaces are unique with minor variations in colour and grain. They will become distinctly your own as they mature in the environment of your home. For more information about worktops made from natural materials, please get in touch with a System Six designer.

In addition to the elegant natural aging of the kitchen top surface, you can choose worktops which have been treated by luxury oils with coloured pigment. This treatment is to tailor the worktop to complement or contrast the existing colour themes or door styles. Many of the worktops are also available in a ‘river washed’ finish. This is where the wood is sandblasted to create a rougher, more rugged surface, which transform the smooth surface into a driftwood type look. If you are uncertain which finish is best suited for your kitchen, the System Six designers are happy to make recommendations based upon the type of look you are going for, your lifestyle and maintenance.

For more in-depth information about this worktop, feel free to pop into the System Six showroom and have a look at the Spekva display or chat to one of our designers.


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