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Updated: Jan 5, 2021

No matter the parameters of your kitchen budget or the size of the kitchen, it can be a bit of a mystery where the bulk of your funds should go in your design. To help you establish what your new kitchen costs will be and provide advice of how you can allocate your budget, we’ve outlined the elements of the kitchen you can save on and which areas would benefit from spending a little more on.

If you’re planning your kitchen design and would like ideas on specific areas you can save on and elements you should put more of your budget into, read on.

  • Save on Handles– Handles can contribute positively to the overall kitchen design; however, this is an area that can be updated at any time in the kitchen’s lifespan. This is useful to bear in mind as it means if you have extra cash down the line you can update your handles at a time that suits you and spread out your new kitchen costs. While this is the case, there are a few points to bear in mind if you intend to update your kitchen retrospectively. All knobs require one drilled hole to fix them in place, making them a safe option if you’re looking to replace them in the future. However, if you’d like to use handles, two holes need to be drilled per handle. We recommend opting for styles with 160mm hole spacings, as this is the most common sizing, meaning you can replace your handles with ease.

  • Splurge on Worktops – Kitchen worktops can make or break your kitchen design. More expensive, higher quality kitchen countertops are worth investing in as they stand the test of time. There are several options that fit into this category, however they all offer varying degrees of maintenance and offer different looks. Wooden worktops are a great countertop option as you will end up with a surface that only gets better with age and increases in character. However, before committing to this kitchen surface, you should think about the regular oiling required to protect and seal this countertop. Granite worktops are also hardwearing and scratch resistant; however, this material will additionally need to be sealed regularly as it is a porous material. If you’re looking for a surface that doesn’t require regular maintenance and still is hardwearing and of high quality, consider quartz countertops. While quality kitchen worktops will take up a reasonable percentage of the overall cost of your new kitchen, you will reap the benefits in the long term.

  • Save on Custom Cabinets – One of the areas System Six Kitchens pride themselves on is the ability to provide bespoke solutions. However bespoke kitchen cabinets aren’t always a necessity, especially if you’re looking to reduce the cost of your new kitchen. System Six also offers a vast range of quality standard cabinets which means even if you are working with an unusual space, our designers should be able to select the right size kitchen cabinets for your space, without having to go down the route of made-to-measure units.

  • Spend on Kitchen Appliances – Kitchen appliances are an element of your kitchen that you rely on day in and day out. Having the right appliances for your kitchen can take a huge amount of stress out of your daily routine. With the NEFF and Siemens working displays within the showroom you additionally have the opportunity to test out appliances before you commit. Quality kitchen appliances are worth spending a little more on, so you know you are receiving reliable products that produce consistent results.

  • Save on Your Splashback – Kitchen splashbacks can range significantly in price. However, if you’re searching for areas you can save on to keep to your budget, you can scrimp on your splashback without compromising your kitchen’s design. A simple splashback is often more effective than a statement splashback and can subtly complement your kitchen. Another element to bear in mind when choosing your splashback is neutral splashbacks are not only more likely to be available at a lower price point, but there is a higher chance they will positively increase the value of your home. If you’re considering the long-term value of your home, a neutral kitchen design is most likely going to appeal to a wider range of people than statement design choices. If moving home and adding value to your property is an area you’re looking for more tips on, we have a guide available on our How a Kitchen Adds Value to Your Home blog.

  • Spend on Lighting – Kitchen lighting is certainly an area that should be invested in. Lighting can make or break your design. Without the correct lighting your kitchen may not be fully maximised and will appear smaller or diminished because the room is dulled. Whether you’re debating if that skylight is worth it or just are unsure if the lighting suggestions your designer has put forward will be beneficial, we highly recommend this is an area you spend more on as your kitchen will be transformed.

If you’re looking for more suggestions of where to save and when to spend, the System Six designers can provide you with individualised advice tailored to your space and budget.


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