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Houzz UK have released the results of their yearly kitchen trends study – and it makes for some interesting reading. Perhaps the most interesting result of the study is that people are saying that a kitchen renovating is helping them to lead healthier lifestyles. We think this is fantastic news – now there’s one more reason to treat yourself to that beautiful kitchen you’ve always dreamt of.

The survey had 3100 UK homeowner respondents, who are either in the middle of, planning or just completed a kitchen renovation.

In particular, the study found that 43% of those surveyed cook more meals at home because of their kitchen renovation, with over 90% of respondents eating home cooked meals at least 5 times a week. 23% of respondents also reported eating more fruit and vegetables following their renovation, and 36% reduced the number of takeaways they ordered.

It’s not just about eating healthier though – a change in space has led to many adopting more positively lifestyle habits. Almost two thirds of kitchens are being opened up to nearby rooms and over 60% are gaining in square footage. These increases have led 69% of homeowners to spend more time with their family and 51% said they entertain more often as a result.

Although these stats and findings may come as a surprise, we here at System Six totally agree. A beautiful kitchen is a space where you want to spend time, where preparing meals becomes enjoyable, and spending time with family and friends is easier. A well-designed kitchen should incorporate all these things – and if that helps you lead a healthier lifestyle then so much the better!

If you want to talk to one of our brilliant designers about how you can do all this in your home, then book yourself a free design appointment on our website.

You can look at the full study here.


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