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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

In the midst of continued growth System Six Kitchens Ltd. are experiencing, machinery investments are being made. After reorganisation of space and factory expansions, System Six are upgrading one of their edge banders. A significant acquisition for the System Six Production Team, the new Homag KL310 will result in a more efficient workspace, with the capability to edge 25m per min.

This is a substantial move by System Six Kitchens Ltd., as the edge bander being replaced was purchased over 20 years ago and was one of the most critical decisions made at the time regarding the future of System Six. This considerable business move made in 1997 has paved the way to the success System Six Kitchens Ltd. is currently experiencing. By ensuring machinery is kept up-to-date and business practices are constantly evolving, System Six is working on continuing this trend.

The new smaller and safer KAL310 is set to produce better and cleaner finishes and is easier to use due to its simple programming that is designed to only edge carcase material. With a modern and user-friendly control system, this enables online diagnostic services that results in fast and effective maintenance.

In addition to the purchase of the Homag KL310, further investments are being made through the acquisition of a new Weeke end boring machine and a Norton PUR gluing system. The Weeke end boring machine was obtained to upgrade from the existing machine, as well as to ensure faster and more accurate results. In addition, it offers online servicing and diagnostics for more efficient maintenance.

In order to provide a 100% waterproof seal on carcases and doors, the investment in a Norton PUR was made. This piece of machinery offers the dual purpose of acting as a back-up when the Biesse hot air edge bander is undergoing routine maintenance and is also used to seal specific units that are subjected to high moisture levels.

System Six Kitchens Ltd. offers several ranges to suit a variety of price brackets. To find out more about ordering a System Six kitchen or how to become a System Six Kitchens Ltd. retailer, get in touch through



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