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Purley in Light Grey


Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Showroom Manager, Chris has recently joined the System Six family and bought with him a wealth of experience. When asked what his dream kitchen would consist of, he opted for a Purley door, which was inspired by the display featuring in the System Six showroom. The environment he’d install this kitchen in would be a modern home.

In the Paint-to-Order colour of Marine, and complimented by copper handles the shaker is modernised and creates a bold design. The unusual colour is subtle enough to look natural in a kitchen environment, however, it still creates a strong impact.

With Paint-to-Order as an option, this is only one of the reasons the Purley door would be Chris’ kitchen of choice. The fact that it is Made-to-Measure also plays a significant factor as it provides a huge amount of flexibility when designing, enabling Chris to create a kitchen to his exact specifications.

With the elegant moulding on the bevelled edge of the inside of the shaker panel, this softens the look of the shaker door, moving away from the harsher lines of traditional shakers. This small feature brings the shaker up to date.

As a real wood door, Purley provides a natural, unique look, with the woodgrains never quite the same. The worktop Chris would choose to include in this kitchen is a light beech wood surface. This would work in with the woodgrain of the doors and emphasise the copper handles.

To complete the look, Chris would opt to have all appliances built in to avoid disturbing the lines of the kitchen to maintain it’s modern, clean look.


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