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Purley in Light Grey


We're updating our showroom!

We are getting very excited as work is underway to extend and update our showroom on Christow Road, Marsh Barton.

The extension will see the showroom increase in size by a massive 33%, which will include two, very large, new displays. We are also replacing all but 2 of the existing displays with new styles and colours, providing you with plenty of inspiration for your own project. As well as the new displays, we have already created 2 new consultation areas, giving you and your designer space to work on the details.

Whilst work is in progress, the showroom will not be looking its best and may be a little noisier than usual. But we are, and will remain, open throughout so feel free to pop by as normal. Work is due to be completed at the beginning of July and we appreciate your understanding in the meantime.

Want A Sneak Preview?

Here's a computer mock-up of how the first of our new displays will look. We're mixing bright, bold colours with dark graphite to really make them stand out. We'll keep you posted on when you can visit the real thing!



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