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Purley in Light Grey


Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Scandinavian kitchens are simple, functional, and elegant. They're about showing less, not more--and that's actually a good thing! The key to creating the perfect Scandinavian kitchen is using the right colours, materials and design elements. We've put together this guide to help you create your own Scandinavian-style space without breaking the bank.


What is a Scandinavian Kitchen?

A minimalist kitchen is all about clean lines and sleek surfaces. The look can be achieved by using fewer elements in your design or pairing a limited number of items together to make them feel like they are one cohesive unit. If you want a truly minimalistic kitchen, we recommend using a door from our true-handleless range, as this customer did. Anna Coles, one of our kitchen designers, created the Scandinavian feel in this kitchen by using the Linden Aluma door in Sand Gladstone Oak. This door is perfect for this kitchen style due to its’ light colours and woodgrain texture. Anna has also perfectly paired this with a white worktop from local stonemasons Steve Bristow Stone Masonry.

You can also achieve a handled yet minimal feel kitchen like this gorgeous space designed by Carly King back in 2020. The use of sleek metal bar handles is a practical accessory that doesn’t clutter the space but is a nice addition that helps to dress the room. We recommend that you choose brass, gold or black bar handles when choosing your Scandi kitchen accessories as they’re in keeping with the style and these little additions can tie the whole space together. Carly paired this Linden wood grain kitchen, in Tobacco Halifax Oak, with a light-coloured waterfall worktop to help brighten up the space and ground the island.

Scandinavian ultra modern kitchen
Linden in Tabacco Halifax Oak. View real kitchen case study!


Clean lines and light colours give the space a minimalist feel, which is why open spaces are so important. This is something to bear in mind when deciding your kitchen layout.

As Scandinavian kitchens are all about having a sense of calm and simplicity, we recommend choosing a layout that opens up your kitchen space rather than closing it off. For example, an L-shaped kitchen with a breakfast bar would cut the room space in half, closing it off, whereas a single-wall kitchen with an island leaves the kitchen open on both sides whilst still leaving space to socialise, sit or prepare your evening meals.


Colours and Woodgrain

Our woodgrain doors are easy to maintain and have an organic feel, which makes them ideal for Scandinavian kitchens. Wooden cupboards, cabinets and doors are common in this kitchen design style due to their association with nature and a feeling of calm. Wooden shelves and accessories also work well because they create a warm atmosphere that complements the rest of the kitchen.


If you want inspiration for how this style can work in your home, check out our Scandinavian Kitchen here!


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