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Updated: Jun 26, 2020

We’ve come up with some pointers and suggestions to help guide you through your kitchen journey. The following outlines are suggestions of what can be considered before entering the showroom, so you can come in fully prepared for your appointment.

Lose Yourself in Pinterest

A great starting point is Pinterest. To begin searching for design ideas click the below image for our kitchen brand Pinterest account, Quantum. Pinterest is a great research tool to find designs, colour schemes and themes and can help connect your kitchen to other home décor ideas. If you have several similar styles in mind, these visuals can help your designer create a design that matches your tastes.

Pick a Theme

Start thinking about whether you want a modern or traditional kitchen. Alternatively, of course, there is always the option of somewhere in between. By understanding which direction you’d like to go in, this will assist your designer to create a kitchen that suits your needs.

Understand Your Budget

While money can be an awkward subject, it offers an indicator for our designers. When provided with a budget our designers will be able to create a kitchen that makes the most of your project funds and suggest the best options for your needs. Without this information it can be hard to know if your kitchen is being designed in the most efficient way.

Explore Your Options

Start thinking about appliances. If you have specific appliances in mind this will help your designer establish how much space they are left to work with. Another consideration is if you’d like to keep existing features. For example, if you’d like to keep a range cooker, this is worth noting when you visit a designer. By providing this information to your designer they will be able to incorporate this into their work.

Consider a Carefully Curated Kitchen

When you visit us, our designers will introduce you to the Quantum range. However, if you’d like to explore this collection before you enter our showroom, click on the below image to view the range or download the brochure. Quantum is a brand we’ve curated, which includes a comprehensive selection of door styles and a 25-year guarantee. This door range was created to simplify the decision-making process for customers due to the overwhelming number of styles available. However, if the Quantum collection doesn’t suit your needs, we are more than happy to explore other options.