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Purley in Light Grey


Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Maximalism is all about going big, embracing lots of colour and texture, and generally making a statement. This style of design is about personal expression, creating a welcoming space and transforming your home completely so it reflects your personal taste.

While maximalist style sounds simple in principle, there is more to cultivating this design than meets the eye. To help you develop your own maximalist kitchen, we’ve collated some guidelines to get you started:

  • Maximalist kitchens are about being bold and full of life. But if this sounds a little overwhelming you can make the process a slow transformation. If you’d like to play it safe, choose a neutral coloured kitchen and then just continue to add bright and bold accessories until you’ve created the perfect maximalist design.

  • Colour makes a huge impact when it comes to maximalist kitchens. One of the simplest, and most powerful ways to achieve this, is to choose a kitchen in a bold shade. We offer multiple styles in several colours and finishes so you have plenty of choice and can design your space to create the look you’ve been dreaming of. The Quantum collection offered by System Six additionally includes kitchens that can be painted in the colour of choice. This way you know you can design your kitchen in line with the palette you’ve planned.

  • Maximalist design is about expression of the self. So, the key is to include items, colours and accessories that ultimately make you happy. Mix patterns and textures, choose to include prints or allow for loud wallpaper. Really, this style allows you to do whatever you like. However, without balance, your design may become overpowered. There is a fine line between maximalism and mess. Maximalism is about making deliberate decisions to include items or colour, whereas untidiness tends to stem from thoughtless additions. To overcome this obstacle, all you need to do is have some planning and foresight of what you’d like and how you’d like to achieve it. This way you can avoid the sense of being overwhelmed and can purposefully design the space, rather than end up with a haphazard whirl of colour.

  • When creating maximalist kitchens, texture plays a huge part in the design. Unlike minimalism, sleek and reserved isn’t the style you’re going for, so we alternatively recommend detailed doors such as Purley. Both these door styles are available in a wide range of colours and offer detailed beading around the centre panel. Purley offers a real wood grain, providing beautiful texture and making this the ideal door to choose for a quaint, quirky design.

  • If you’d like to contribute a sense of calm to your maximalist design, we recommend turning to biophilic design. Indoor plants offer plenty of positive benefits to maximalist style, from adding more colour and interest to the room, to having general, positive effects on mental health. However, if looking after plants isn’t for you, there is always the option of turning to prints or just growing some fresh herbs on your windowsill.

We intended this list to provide inspiration in order for you to gauge some clue whether you’d like to go down the maximalist route. If you’d like more help creating a maximalist design within your kitchen space, feel free to talk with the System Six designers. We recommend sharing ideas you’ve found on Pinterest, along with photos of furniture and prints or paintings you’d like to incorporate, to help the designers create your dream kitchen that fits perfectly with your style.


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