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This is the second of our System Six Explains articles. This week we are going to be explaining Larder Storage. Larders are the perfect units for storing non-perishable food items; the key to the perfect larder is well organised Food Storage that is tailored to the end users needs. We want to offer our customers ease of access to their stored items.

Our Designer, Sam, Says

“When I am selecting a Larder Storage option for my customers I always carefully consider the customers a needs and abilities. System Six offers an innovative range of Larder Storage Solutions and so there is something for everyone’s needs, tastes, budgets and Mobility.”

The System Six Standard units are supplied with 1 fixed shelf and 4 or 5 adjustable shelves depending on the height of the unit. These standard units are perfect for people on a budget or a utility room. Ideally suited to housing your brooms and hoover. We would not recommend this standard option with customers with mobility issues as it is not easy to access the back bottom shelve of the unit without bending or kneeling.

Pull out mechanisms can be installed into any of our larder units. There are a huge range of pull out options available, from standard pull out mechanisms to pull out and swinging mechanisms. These mechanisms offer huge flexibility that fits in with most customers’ requirements. Pull outs work on a sliding system bringing the contents at the back of the unit to the user. Pull outs are fantastic when they are used correctly, giving the user the ability to see everything in their Larder with ease.

Pantry units can be tailored to the users unique uses and needs. The pantry pictured features shelves on the doors and bottle rack. These units are fantastic for meeting the customers’ individual needs but can be expensive. We have also found that it is not always easy to change the use of some pantry units.

The System Six Kitchens preferred Larder storage option is the Dynamic Pantry Unit. This option features individual internal drawers. This option is versatile, and each drawer is incredibly strong. Each drawer can hold up to 65kg. We would not recommend this option for any units below 400mm wide as the user would have limited storage space.

For more information, contact our showroom on 01392 285945 to discuss storage options with one of our designers.



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