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Owing to the disappointingly early exit of England from the 2014 World Cup, we didn’t get to see how our team might have fared against our football arch rivals Germany. Despite this, there is still more rivalry between our nations and it is something that we are particularly passionate about. With German Kitchen Manufacturers seeing the UK market as a large target market we are often being told about the virtues of German manufacturing, but on closer inspection is everything as it is hyped up to be?

Devon Kitchens, the Devon way

Something that we have always been particularly proud of is our heritage and our manufacturing background. Making our kitchens in Exeter since 1975 has given us a huge amount of experience and over this time we have been perfecting our craft through the combination of master craftsmen and the latest technology. We have spoken before about the virtues of buying local:

But above buying local, we believe that our product can compete with any product in the world. That is why we offer an industry leading guarantee of 25 years on all of our kitchens and bedrooms. A typical German kitchen manufacturer/retailer offers just 5-10 years. Just as soon as our match has kicked off then an early goal is scored.

Devon 1 - Germany 0

German kitchen carcases are often hailed as being the greatest and are encompassed under the umbrella of "German Engineering", but the truth is, this doesn't add up. British Engineering is something we as a nation are rightfully proud of and our Devon made kitchens are no exception. Our carcases are made from 18mm MFC with 8mm backs, whilst German carcases are typically 16mm with 4mm backs. We offer a range of 49 carcase colours, helping you match your new kitchen with existing colour themes and helping match the door style of your kitchen. German kitchens are typically offered in up to 5 colours, leaving you little choice for design.

Devon 2 - Germany 0

Our System Six Kitchens Carcase, shown without door/drawer fronts

As we enter the second half of our world cup tie, the German Kitchens are looking troubled and resort to their substitute bench.

Enter the Rail kitchen.

Rail kitchens have been something that German manufacturers have heralded as the ultimate in design allowing customers to have a true handle-less kitchen, with the kitchen handle recessed into the kitchen cabinet.

This configuration is by no means limited to German Kitchens. In fact we offer 5 door ranges in over 63 colours in this style of kitchen. We also have this on display in our showroom, so if you think this might be the kitchen for you then please do call in.

A take on the German Rail system, with a difference - Curved units

The Key difference to our rail kitchens compared to the German version is that in many colours, you can combine the rail system with sleek curves, giving you the ultimate in design flexibility. Of course you can have straight runs also, but you are no longer limited to this. Nice try Germany, but...

Devon 3 - Germany 0

Flexibility is a designers best friend and our kitchens are made to be as flexible as possible. Do you have an awkward wall or just need non-standard sizes? Our Devon Kitchens are made in any size or shape possible, with special cabinets being part of what we do. You won't need fillers or dummy cupboards with our flexible solution. The German kitchens - with their fixed size units and doors - look on, as Devon score a 4th.

Devon 4 - Germany 0

Less road miles, faster service.

As we enter extra time of our cup tie, time is of the essence. It makes sense to buy locally with quicker service and in the event that something should go wrong, you can rely on our fast track remedial service to ensure that your kitchen project is back on track in no time at all.

The final whistle blows and the result is a whitewash.

Devon 5 - Germany 0

Scratching at the surface of German made kitchens reveals that not only are they not as they seem, but also that a British, Devon-made kitchen is a better offer for a better product.



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