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Updated: Apr 26

This is a helpful guide to all the amazing things we have in our showroom that we can’t live without! If you haven’t been able to make it down to see us yet, you’ll be on your way after reading this.



Dark handleless kitchen

This Siemens Downdraft Extractor may be the best thing since sliced bread. Gone are the days of having an extractor taking up space above your hobs or reaching on tiptoes to clean the filters. This amazing extractor comes out of the worktop with the touch of a button. It has an energy-saving white LED light that brightens up the entire induction hob, and the surrounding area, and begins to draw air straight away and it’s easier to clean. This extractor can be easily hidden again at just the push of a button.



Premium larder unit

This extensive larder takes pride in its place in our showroom. Sat inside Purley Marine Doors are stunning Lancaster Oak shelves and drawers perfect for any self-confessed obsessive organiser. If you thought this larder couldn’t get any better, just wait. All elements are completely customisable, even down to what each drawer is inscribed with. You could even swap shelves or drawers for chopping boards! With the option of adding LED strip lights to highlight its contents, this larder can be whatever your heart, or kitchen, desires.



Luxury baking unit

This larder would even make Mary Berry envious. Our baker's delight larder is the talking point of any Great British Bake-Off wannabe with a solid granite worktop and built-in sockets for your KitchenAid.

Our personalised ingredient jars sit perfectly on the completely customised real wood shelves. Spice racks are attached to the larder doors for optimised use of the space whilst making sure everything stays neat and tidy.

LED strip lights line the edge of the upper space in the larder. These LED strips are activated by a door sensor switch and will turn off as soon as the doors are shut. The strip lights fit into grooves pre-cut into the cabinet keeping everything looking sleek and smooth.



Bespoke bar unit

When you first step foot into our showroom, the last thing you would expect is our secret bar. Upon opening the doors, light will fill the bar, reflecting off the antiqued bronze mirror in the back of the cabinet. The LED strip is fitted along the middle glass shelf and the customisable wine glass racks above hold anything from wine glasses to champagne flutes. Below the marble bottle shelf sits nine bottles of champagne, resting slightly elevated in a champagne rack. Champagne, not your tipple? These racks can be made to your specification.



Our incredible designers have the ability to weave almost anything you want in the fabric of your kitchen, including chopping boards. The corner of this kitchen island contains four chopping boards neatly stored between the door and worktop. All chopping boards can come as they are or have the option of being engraved so you know which is your bread board and which is your vegetable board. If you have a cupboard full of boards, our designers can swap this option out for solid wood trays, or extra drawers.



Organisation and storage cutlery solutions

Organisation and storage solutions are the easiest and quickest way to keep your home and cupboards, clean. Our designers can offer you different ways to help keep your cutlery organised. From wooden cutlery trays to powder-coated metal drawer dividers there are so many options! Dividers have the added bonus that you can decide the segments and what goes where!

We also offer other ways to sort your drawers. Knife blocks are a good and safe way to store your knives without the risk of fumbling around and possibly injuring yourself. Our spice racks sit nicely in your cutlery drawer meaning ingredients are easy to see and easy to grab!


To learn even more ways we can help you save space, speak to one of our Kitchen Designers Today!


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