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Updated: Apr 26

If you’ve fallen in love with rustic, urban design, an industrial kitchen may be the ideal match for your space. Industrial kitchen design is all about stripping back to the rudimentary materials and focusing on these raw components.

This kitchen design is as much about practicality as it is aesthetic, and there are plenty of ways to achieve this look. We’ve pulled some ideas together to help you figure out whether an industrial kitchen is for you, and to help you identify the elements you think would work within your home:

  • Industrial modern kitchen designs are created to look candidly unfinished yet manufactured to be completely functional. In keeping with this theme, the perfect storage/display element for this style of kitchen is our Design Cube. This open shelving offers metal frames, and the base can be customised with a complimentary cabinet material, so it integrates effortlessly with your kitchen design.

Design Cubes

  • If the style you’re going for is industrial, modern kitchen designs are the perfect choice. Kitchens with metal finishes add an instantaneous industrial feel to the design, which is perfect if you’ve opted for a contemporary design such as our true handleless Aluma range. This style of kitchen offers metal rails recessed behind the doors, as a means of access. These rails are a significant aspect of the true handleless kitchen design, with multiple colours available, making this the perfect option for an industrial style kitchen. There is additionally the option of including a metal plinth to continue this trend. However, you do not have to choose a true handleless kitchen to achieve an industrial look. There are plenty of handles that can be included in your kitchen design to create this style, with burnished brass or black options to choose from, just to name a few.

  • Creating an industrial style kitchen is achieved through more than just the kitchen design. How you accessorise the space also makes a significant impact. Your choice in furniture, kitchen table or breakfast bar stools all contribute to the completed result of your kitchen. Your choice in accessories is also an opportunity to make a saving through DIY, add some personal touches and make the space truly unique. By including reclaimed and recycled objects and opting for raw or unfinished materials, this finishes off the design and the space. This principle additionally applies to exposed brickwork and concrete, both of which keeps the design stripped back and simple.

  • When choosing to create this style of kitchen, modern industrial kitchen cabinets should offer quality in as much quantity as it does aesthetics. Industrial design has its roots in hard wearing, practical products, and there is no reason why this now popular kitchen trend shouldn’t offer these elements. At System Six, we build these kitchens ourselves, which means we know the quality of our cabinets and each component. For example, when it comes to doors styles such as Manston matt are fingerprint and scratch resistant which make them ideal for industrial kitchen design. In addition to offering a high quality, the benefits of industrial kitchens stems from its minimal style and fuss-free materials, meaning by default they are easier to clean and maintain.

We hope these tips and ideas will help you to begin planning out your kitchen and point you in the right direction of which design components to keep an eye out for. Of course, this is by no means a fully extensive guide to industrial kitchens, so please feel free to get in touch directly with our designers.



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