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Purley in Light Grey


Updated: Jul 12, 2023

An In-frame kitchen is instantly recognisable by its design. It is a type of kitchen that dates back many centuries before becoming increasingly popular in the early 1900’s. In-frame kitchens are designed so that the door of the cabinet is inset within a wooden frame. The frame is fixed onto the front face of the cabinet, which provides reliable strength and a great aesthetic. Here you can see standard shaker doors alongside in-frame shaker doors.

As well as looking elegant, our in-frame kitchens are completely bespoke and therefore fully customisable. Whether your kitchen needs to work around low beams and slightly wonky cob walls or you have very specific cabinet detail and storage requirements, we can work to your specification.

The appearance of an In-frame kitchen alone conjures images of traditional and timeless craftmanship, which led us to call our range ‘Elegance’. Our Quantum Elegance range, with its own dedicated brochure, features seven unique kitchen styles. Choose from painted or exposed timber finishes or mix the two for a kitchen with true character. Below we show you some highlights from the range.


“…the geometric styling of this door embraces clear lines and noticeable patterns…”

With a design that is so reminiscent of the architectural modernist movement, Tamworth encourages bold ventures. Embracing state-of-the-art technology by transforming the kitchen into a Smart Home is a subtle way of embracing this design style. To create a more retro feel, materials such as rich wooden features or marble worktops can be included, alongside leafy plants and tessellated tile splashbacks. This clear style and detailing in design creates and ornate and quirky kitchen. A great example of Tamworth can be discovered within our feature case study here.

“The couple liked the System Six showroom, and how everything was on display. From the displays they were able to identify it was the Elegance kitchens they liked and knew straight away an in-frame kitchen was the style that would suit their home.”


“Radiating grandeur, this style comes into its own in spacious rooms, and doesn’t require other statement pieces due to its intricate detailing.”

Rougemont is a statement within itself due to its ornate moulding on the inner panels. The touch of luxe articulates structure into the design and creates an effortlessly elegant room. Subtle but noticeable inclusions such as islands with innovative designs introduce a personable feel, whereas, elements like barrel units and unique shapes incorporated into the island are an unexpected twist to this otherwise carefully refined design.


"A humble design, Bampton is kept reserved and contained, avoiding an overly elaborate appearance with careful colours choices.”

Bampton’s smart and crisp stature sits comfortably in any space. With such elegant composition, a contemporary ambience can be created through choice accessories such as metro tiles and statement light fixings. Eloquent in its simplicity, Bampton offers a look that is diverse enough to sit in a range of environments, no matter the age, style or taste displayed within the home.


“Such simplicity created a space that thrives on contemporary things…”

Luscombe is an intriguing fusion of classic and contemporary. Officially classed as an in-frame kitchen, Luscombe bends the rules of tradition by employing flat panel doors instead of shaker. Luscombe is available in both a Smooth or a Textured finish, adding to Luscombe’s contradictory nature. Luscombe benefits from our colour-match service which means when we say you can have the colour of your choice, we really mean it. If you are interested in creating the perfect in-frame kitchen in your home, just use the get in touch to book a free appointment with one of our fantastic designers.


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