Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Burbidge Tetbury Olive and Alabaster

The In frame kitchen styles are timeless. The in frame styles aim to serve the customers seeking a more traditional kitchen look to their new kitchen. There are many door styles but most can be placed into two categories, In frame or Plant on. The diagram below shows an in frame door and a plant on door. The in frame door is called such as it sits within a frame attached to the kitchen cabinet.

At System Six Kitchens we offer a good range of inframe kitchens to suit any style or budget.

Quantum Thornbury Inframe Alabaster


Pictured above is the Thornbury Painted Alabaster. This door is available in a painted palette of 24 different colours. This is the perfect in frame door for customers wanting this look in on a tight budget. This door is a foil overpainted door, so more cost effective than a painted wooden door.

Quantum Grange Painted Partridge Grey and Oak


Pictured above is the Grange in a mix of painted partridge grey and Oak. This door is available in a painted palette of 24 different colours. The grange is the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional which would fit in any setting.

Burbidge Langton


Burbidge have recently launched the Langton. It is a luxurious new kitchen range that is designed to take the Shaker style into a new era of modernity. The Langton doors and frames are constructed from premium Ash wood. The range is available in Burbidge’s painted palette including the newly launched colours of Mink, Putty, Old Navy, Gravel, Seal Grey and Soft Moss. Buridge also offer a bespoke colour options. Burbidge also offer 3 other inframe styles of kitchen, namely the Tetbury, Petworth and Salcombe.

Uform Iona Oak and Painted Olive


The Iona door exudes pure luxury; the Iona doors are crafted from solid European Oak and available in a range of painted colours. These doors create a timeless ambience in any kitchen setting. The Iona has a fantastic range of accessories from the mantle to pilasters which can be used to enhance the timeless atmosphere that this kitchen creates.

PWS 1909 Shaker

The 1909 Range

PWS have created this luxurious in frame range of doors. The range is made up 2 core door styles. A Classic Shaker which can be customised with intricate beading options and a contemporary Slab doors Style. All options are available in 32 colour palette.

1909 In Frame Slab

The In Frame Slab door is beautifully understated; the slab in frame door creates a more linear appearance to a kitchen thus creating a much more contemporary look than the other classical in frame doors available.

1909 In Frame Shaker

The In Frame Shaker door has options on beading around the recessed panel; the 1909 range offers a “Quarter Round” and “Half Pencil & Scalloped” beading options. These options increase the traditional look of the door, creating a timeless quintessentially British feel. If you are interested in creating the perfect in frame kitchen in your home, just use the get in touch button below to book a free appointment with one of our fantastic designers.