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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

True handleless kitchens are modern, seamless and effortlessly graceful. This design is perfect for generating a modern space with clean lines and sharp silhouettes. These contemporary kitchens are designed with minimalism in mind and are completely bespoke so you can create a kitchen congruent with your needs.

To ensure you are provided with plenty of choice, at System Six we offer a carefully chosen selection of true handleless kitchens which are featured within the ‘Aluma’ collection. Aluma exclusively contains kitchen styles of a true handleless nature, earning itself the title of ‘Modern Kitchens’ within the Quantum range. This collection offers a wide range of styles, so you can create a design in line with your personal taste and the theme of your home. Browse through our ideas below of how you can make use of the styles within this range:

  • Ultra-Modern Kitchens. Ultra-modern kitchens can be created by opting for sleek gloss or smooth matt doors in light colours to keep the design airy and open. This style of kitchen is ideal for including glittering quartz worktops and plenty of lighting, so the room is bright and accessible. A white gloss handleless kitchen is the perfect accompaniment to a design such as this, and is particularly relevant if you’re working with a small kitchen you’d like to appear larger. Carefully selected accessories can further perpetuate this modern, minimal feel. Certain design choices can accentuate the streamlined effect of the kitchen, such as string lighting and integrated, recessed rails in a contrasting or coordinating colour.

  • Nordic Kitchens. True handleless designs are ideal for creating Scandinavian kitchens, due to the simplicity of these handleless kitchen cabinets and their minimal nature. Additionally, Nordic elements such as wood grains can be incorporated into Aluma kitchens with ease, as our slab Linden wood grain doors are available in bespoke sizes. With an abundance of doors available in neutral shades to include alongside these wood effect doors, this further perfects the creation of a calm, warm space that is so characteristic of Scandi designs.

  • Handleless Shaker Kitchens. True handleless kitchens don’t all have to follow the same format of sleek and minimal – there is room for quirks as well. This can come in the form of handless shaker kitchens. Designs such as these are perfect if you’re looking for a kitchen that features a modern style and which also has plenty of character.

  • Luxury Kitchens. To create a sense of modern luxury within your kitchen, true handleless kitchens are the perfect option. With the collection of handleless metal rail profiles available, which can then be combined with a collection of silky, matt stone effect doors, a sense of subdued opulence can be created.

  • J Pull Kitchens. If true handleless isn’t congruent with your budget or your personal taste, consider opting for a J pull kitchen. This style of kitchen offers the same minimal style and simple design that defines a true handeless design, however it is available at a lower price point.

For more ideas about this style of kitchen and the doors available for the true handleless collection we offer, download our brochure or chat with our designers. The System Six showroom is additionally open Monday through to Saturday for you to visit and see the true handleless kitchen display.



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