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Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Country style kitchens are perfect for any home, with traditional designs ideal for quirky cottages and contemporary classic for more modern abodes.

Whether you’d like a modern or traditional farmhouse kitchen (or something in-between), we’ll help you create a design that offers longevity and will stand the test of time. These tips have been curated to help you begin designing your farmhouse kitchen so it’s in line with your taste and décor:

  • While most people tend to know a traditional kitchen when they see one, it can be challenging to create a design that offers the right aesthetic without appearing dated. To ensure your kitchen appears classic rather than antiquated we recommend you opt for a simple shaker kitchen, rather than a style which has elaborate detail. The classic five-piece shaker design is going to stay in style longer than intricate kitchen doors. In addition to this, we recommend avoiding more traditional colours such as alabaster and ivory. Alternatively, if you’re looking for elegant neutrals choose shades such as light grey or porcelain. However, if colour is what you’re after consider incorporating sage green, which is a perfect choice for traditional farmhouse kitchens.

  • To ensure your country style kitchen stands the test of time and offers plenty of character, we recommend choosing a real wood door. Whether you choose a standard lay-on shaker door found in our Origin collection, or alternatively opt for an in-frame style located in the Elegance range, there are stunning timber options available. These styles of kitchens age beautifully, and with their natural grain offer warmth and a timeless appearance.

  • When creating a cottage style kitchen, consider integrating oak accessories into the design such as chopping boards or trays. These elements add a quaint quality to the kitchen, showing off the bespoke nature of the design. Including real wood worktops are another element that is ideal for a traditional kitchen. Materials such as this hark back to the heavy wooden cabinets that kitchens were originally made of. Including real wood elements doesn’t only offer a nod to the heritage of the kitchen, but it ensures the design instantly feels warm and welcoming.

Real wood kitchen accessories
Oak Feature Cabinet
  • Another element that can be incorporated into a farmhouse kitchen is a Belfast sink. These ceramic sinks both create a statement and offer a highly durable design – perfect additions in practicality and design.

  • Modern country kitchens can easily be created by implementing modern styles, such as smooth shaker doors. Grain free doors such as Veryan offer the perfect intermediary between ultra-modern slab doors and traditional shaker doors. These doors are slimmer and made from one panel, offering a contemporary look whilst still fitting in easily with country cottages.

  • One way you can put a contemporary spin on your kitchen design is by opting for bright and bold shaker doors. The shaker door forms the basis of the country style kitchen, so by injecting colour into the design this instantaneously modernises the design.

These are just some simple suggestions to get you started on planning your farmhouse kitchen! From door styles to colours and accessories there are plenty of ways to create the perfect cottage style kitchen for your home. For more ideas, make sure you pop into the showroom or chat with one of our Design Team.


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