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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

System Six cabinets are some of the best you can get. We aren’t just saying that because we sell them, we’re saying it because we make them and design them ourselves. Every cabinet in your kitchen has been built specifically for you, by our team, in our own factory.

We’ve been working on these cabinet designs for a while now; tweaking the design since 1975 in fact. As such we are very proud of our kitchen cabinets and their calibre, which is why we’ve outlined all their great qualities below:

  • Because our cabinets are made by us, you aren’t just buying locally, you’re also supporting an independent business. What’s more as we’re based in Exeter, by choosing our kitchens, you’re opting for a more eco-friendly option, as we don’t have to travel far to provide you with your kitchen. This incidentally lowers the risk of damage, as our cabinets aren’t being shipped around the countryside before they reach you.

  • Each of our cabinets are cam and dowelled together, which provides a strong and robust structure.

  • To ensure our kitchen cabinets provide stability, we offer 18mm backs as standard on our cabinets, as this thickness adds strength to the structure.

  • All of our cabinets are made to order and designed for a specific purpose, which means you won’t find any unsightly, additional drillings that are often viewed in cabinetry elsewhere. The only additional drillings you might find in your cabinets are for shelf height adjustment.

  • System Six cabinets offer solid tops on all units, with the exception of sink and hob units. The open top design for these units ensures ease of installation. The solid top on the remainder of the units is another element that aids in the strength of the cabinets construction.

  • Sink and hob units are strengthened with an aluminium rail. This rail provides additional support to these cabinets which takes more weight from above, as well as providing reinforcement for worktops.

  • We offer over 850 standard kitchen cabinet shapes. This means you have access to a wide range of cabinet choices without even needing a bespoke unit. This range of choice is great for your design as it helps to keep the price down.

  • Wall units can be ordered in depths of 300/320/350mm at no extra cost, so you have maximum flexibility for ensuring the overall look and sizing is right for your design, without having to create a bespoke cabinet.

  • On System Six cabinets we offer service voids of 42mm on base units and 20mm on wall units. These service voids are included to conceal wiring and pipes, as well as keep them out of the way and protected behind the cabinet. This means your space isn’t compromised, and everything is tucked safely away.

  • All our sink base units offer a magnetic, removable back panel, which means this panel can be popped out and put back in when working on plumbing. This ensures when you’re having plumbing installed, or if you experience any issues in the future, there won’t be any problems caused when accessing the space.

  • There are over 40 colours available for your carcase. This gives you the flexibility to either colour match your cabinets to your doors, or alternatively opt for a contrasting shade.

  • Hettich ArciTech soft close drawers are provided as standard. These drawer mechanisms can support weights of up to 60kg. These drawers are built on an Actro runner, which allows for an even distribution of weight at any point of the drawer opening or closing. This Actro runner is built on a prism design, which is why these drawers are able to evenly support these weights. Soft close in drawers additionally helps keep all the contents of your drawers in place when they are opened and shut.

  • Glass sides are provided on pan drawers as standard. This helps to ensure maximum visibility into the contents.

  • We offer bespoke sizes on our cabinets as well, so no matter your requirements, or the shape of your room we are able to accommodate for your needs.

  • We additionally offer soft close hinges as standard, which reduces the risk of damage to your doors and offers a smoother, quieter feel.

We hope this breakdown of our cabinet helps to reassure you of the quality of our kitchens. However, if you have any more questions regarding the structure of our cabinets, please feel free to get in touch with the team!


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