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Purley in Light Grey


Updated: Jul 11, 2023

At System Six Kitchens, we offer a variety of kitchen units and appliances. Did you know that we also offer many bar unit options to fit around the space you have? Let’s take a look at the three basic levels of bar units we offer at System Six Kitchens.


This is the most accessible option when it comes to integrating a bar unit into an existing space within your kitchen. The reason for this is because the bar unit can be created around or within an area (or a nook) of your kitchen that already exists that has little or no current purpose. Alternatively, a bar unit could be included into a planned kitchen extension design. If you have the space in your design, you could tie your kitchen together by including an in-built ice bucket into your worktop or sink as a complementary feature to your bar unit In terms of finance, it is very accessible due to the bar unit only requiring a few extra kitchen units if you have not already got the available space.

Get creative

Try enhancing this space with the inclusion of floating shelves, similarly to how one of our real customers designed theirs shown below. In order to heighten this area, lights can be installed in the floating shelving during your design to really solidify the unit as an important component to your overall kitchen design. Next, personalise your bar unit by highlighting all of your favourite drinks with the lighting system, and don’t forget to include your ‘special occasion’ drinking glasses!


The next level of bar unit integration is more of a free-standing unit feature piece that can located in your kitchen or even your dining area. Fundamentally, the free-standing bar unit option is a larger scale bar unit that offers full customisation of the components that exist within it. These components include alcoves for anything you would like featured in the unit and drawers of your choosing. It can even include very personal features such as integrated trays to house tongs which can be used to pick up slices of citrus fruit or ice cubes. This bar unit also has the capacity to house your unique collection of wines on the built-in wine racks if you decide to opt for this feature. Better yet, your collection can be seen through the glass doors, allowing it to be gazed upon by your friends and family. The bar unit will implicitly scream ‘Look at my collection!’ without you saying a word.

Great Creative

Once again, lighting is a fantastic choice to enhance your bar unit and can be included throughout the open shelving here. The image above features one of our free-standing bar units in Manston Matt Black and can give you a better idea on the possibilities available to you with this choice.


The final level of bar unit is for those who are looking for the ultimate party centrepiece. If you are set on stunning guests and witnessing the pure euphoria emitted after they set their sights upon such an astonishing feature, then this is the choice for you.

This option will explore every customisation option, every possibility and ultimately go to every length in order to produce you something truly bespoke.

This level of bar units can contain many internal options which include:

- Glass Shelving

- Hanging Shelves for glasses

- Internal Lighting

- Antique Glass Splashback

These options can also be customised to suit any of the kitchens within our Quantum range!

In order to save space, or if a built-in ice bucket does not suit the aesthetic of your kitchen, then a fridge freezer with an ice dispenser would be a fantastic appliance to supply your drinks with cold, fresh ice!

If Wine Coolers are what you’re after, then we can recommend Caple’s Wine Cabinet. As well as being able to colour match the unit to your kitchen, the shelving can accommodate 750ml bottles, includes soft closing doors and can be customised.

Find out more by downloading a brochure below!


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