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At System Six Kitchens we take great pride in where all of the materials that go into our kitchens come from. It is this care and consideration of the highest quality products that allows us to have one of the longest guarantees in the industry and helps give us the reputation of unrivalled quality and value.

Just this week we visited our supplier Egger, who were founded in 1961 and provide us with the Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) that we use to make our kitchen cabinets. The quality of Egger’s products has always been unrivalled and we are extremely happy to be able to work with Egger.

With a manufacturing plant in Hexham, Northumberland timber is sourced locally from sustainable forests where 3 trees are planted for every tree consumed and mixed with carefully graded reclaimed and recycled timber to create a product that is not only considerate of the environment but utilising a waste product that would otherwise be destined for landfill or combustion.

Part of the plant at Egger, showing steam from the drying process.

The first stage of the process is to chip and dry the timber to just 3% moisture content. This is graded into different grades with larger grades making up the core of the board for increased tensile strength and finer grades being used on the surface of the board to allow a smooth finish to be created which is manufactured to an extremely high manufacturing tolerance.

Part of the wood store where 4 weeks stock is held at any one time.

This mix of graded timber is combined with a blend of resins at a high temperature and then pressed into 18mm sheets on a press that runs the entire length of one of the buildings at the 75 acre site at Egger. This press produces approximately 65 metres of board material every minute and is in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Inside the press at Egger, Hexham, UK.

Once made, the board is dried for approximately 20 minutes to allow the final curing process to complete. It is then stacked and stored, where it is sold as either raw chipboard or melamine faced to provide an attractive décor finish. Melamine is bonded to the board throughout an extensive heat process, making the complete product strong and durable.The décor finish available is one of 49 colours offered by System Six Kitchens.

Board that has been bonded with a special paper to give the décor colour and texture.

The board is then stacked and stored until it is ordered. Egger send out 100 full lorries of board per day to all their customers. Here at System Six Kitchens, we use our Egger deliveries to manufacture approximately 70 kitchens per week, which we hand assemble and deliver across the South West of England and South Wales.

One of the warehouses storing the completed product prior to it being despatched around the UK.

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