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Purley in Light Grey


Over the last few years we have seen modern developments in the process used to paint doors which has brought the price down and ensures a top quality finish every time. This trend is not localised to just Exeter, but is something that interior design specialists are seeing around the country and Grey seems to be the colour of the moment.

We have seen a real increase in the range of greys available with manufacturers combining grey with warm and cool hues to give a wide range of colours suitable for use in a wide range of styles.

Chalk combined with Lead in this Salcombe Kitchen

Traditional styles such as the Salcombe in-frame kitchen lend themselves to combining paint colours to create features. This is shown above to great effect with this Belfast sink unit shown in Lead Grey. This cool grey is perfectly suited for use on a sink base where the subtle use of blue is perfectly at home.

Flint Grey Combined with Almond in this 1909 Kitchen

In this 1909 kitchen, again, by combining a mid-tone grey with a more neutral colour, it is possible to create features in your room. Flint Grey is a warm grey with hues of pink and cashmere; it is easy to see why this colour has proven popular in large rooms which are otherwise left feeling stark and cold.

Milbourne, shown here in Partridge Grey

Grey is proving to be hugely popular, possibly down to its versatility. It isn't just traditional kitchens that can benefit from the grey treatment, as shown above with this Painted Milbourne Kitchen. Partridge Grey is hugely versatile owing to its neutral and natural tones, making it the perfect partner to timber and other natural materials.

The Milbourne range is currently on show in our Exeter kitchen showroom. It is displayed in sage with full colour swatches and door samples available, as well as the latest CAD packages to help visualise how this range could transform your kitchen at home.

This Modern J Handle door is shown in Gloss Dove Grey

Ultra Modern J Handle profiles such as this Remo kitchen show how the trend for grey spans across all kitchen styles. Grey gloss could be the new gloss cream which has reigned supreme in the kitchen charts for the last 5 years. With monochrome kitchens become less favourable, a modern grey kitchen is the perfect compromise when you don't want everything black or white.

Currently on display in our showroom in wood grain and matt white you will be sure to fall in love with the quality of this kitchen. Available in 15 colours, painted with either a gloss or matt finish, there is a colour for everyone.

Ultra modern Tomba, shown in Lava with Reef peninsula

The above combination of Inzo with Tomba Handless is shown in a rich Lava which offers warmth as well as being perfectly matched with the lighter oak flooring as shown. This modern design is timeless thanks to the incorporation of natural materials and the adjoining feature panels, shown in alabaster.

We currently show the Tomba in our showroom and would be happy to show you how this design might look in your home.



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