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Purley in Light Grey


Updated: Apr 26

If you are scratching your head when it comes to deciding how you want your brand new kitchen to look, then you have come to the right place.

From yellow splashbacks to super storage solutions, here’s a complete guide on everything trending in 2022 in, what will become, your favourite room in the house.



Bright and Bold yellow splashback

This bright yellow splash back throws a pop of colour into the white open kitchen. Even on the darkest of days, this Deco Glaze splashback will add much needed brightness. This customer has coupled this with gorgeous Corian worktops and Gloss Porcelain units. If yellow isn’t your colour, we have over 20 vibrant and subtle colour options, as well as mirrored, transparent, frosted and opaque splashbacks.



This stunning, Nordic style kitchen is complemented by the marble island and worktops. The Linden Tobacco Halifax Oak units and doors blend seamlessly with the floor, whilst the marble countertops and island reflect the natural light, making the space appear larger and more open. The use of Linden doors also adds warmth to such a brilliant entertaining space and home. It appears we aren’t the only ones loving this style as Nordic Kitchen styles have won an Ideal Home Award.

This kitchen was designed by Carly King. Carly is the youngest daughter of Trevor Foster, who founded System Six Kitchens back in 1975.



Staying in is the new going out, and this home bar is the biggest testament to that. From built-in wine fridges to an island made for entertaining, this bar has everything you need. The bar is created using a combination of the Manston handleless door in a gloss finish, making the whole area feel seamless and sleek.

Bespoke Bar unit with mirror splashback

Another bar we just had to share with you is featured in our Exeter kitchen showroom. The Powderham Deep Forest Doors expose a hidden bar holding some of Saturday nights’ little luxuries. The bottom rack holds up to 9 bottles of your favourite bottles of fizz and the top of the bar holds 9 rows of wine glasses, sherry glasses, whiskey glasses or champagne flutes. The lights beneath the middle shelf are reflected on the bronze glass at the back of the bar making it feel brighter and much more open. Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur or live the champagne lifestyle, all bars are fully customisable.

Why would you ever go out again?



This featured kitchen showcases a unique and innovative way to add subtle wooden features to your space. This kitchen island has been designed with a hidden space in the centre, fitted with sockets and USB chargers, perfect for using as a space to entertain, work from the comfort of your kitchen or just to charge your devices as this kitchen owner wanted. This space uses a combination of Linden Matt Black and Manston Charcoal elements to accomplish a kitchen that flows into each corner of this kitchen. This little wooden addition breaks up the deeper colours and adds warmth to the space.

This innovative kitchen was designed by System Six Kitchens designer Anna who has been with us for almost 10 years.



Minimalistic kitchens such as this are fast becoming one of the most popular styles because of their clean and calm feel. The customer has combined our sleek Leigh Matt Porcelain Handleless drawers with an Ammonite Diamond white work surface from Steve Bristow Stone Masonry. This, coupled with the hidden LED lighting under the drawers, the stone flooring and white walls makes for an open and relaxing space. All drawers have the option of customisable dividers, cutlery trays and storage solutions meaning anything everything has a space and a place in a drawer…and relax.



Make your kitchen the focal point of your home and make the lighting the focal point of your kitchen. This customer decided on darker features for the kitchen, so the lighting was extremely important in brightening up the space, and in a very special way. The unique idea to have a light feature above the kitchen island works well with the island as it reflects the light back up and around the room making the room seem brighter and more open. The designer added other lighting elements such as LED lighting under the wall units and wall lights above the extractor to subtly add warmth into the space.

The kitchen was designed by System Six designer Anna.



Although we have included this is the ‘2022 Trends’, this key feature is timeless and has been trending for decades. Adding small golden details to any kitchen give it that slightly more expensive and luxury feel. This year Purley Marine doors with gold or bronze handles are extremely popular and flying off the shelves (pardon the pun). Our showroom offers lots of different golden, and metallic, handle options for you to choose from. It’s all these subtle little details that can really make a kitchen apart from the crowd.

This is a trend that is here to stay.



With all of us spending the last 2 years stuck indoors, many of us have become obsessed with organising our cupboards and wardrobes. At System Six Kitchens we have also become obsessed with organisation and our two showroom pantries. These beautiful spaces are completely customisable and very functional. When you open these doors, automatic lighting built into the sides of the pantry light up allowing you to seer your own little bakers heaven. The Natural Hickory Oak shelves on the doors are perfect for holding all those spices you may have forgotten about and are ‘definitely’ going to use, and the solid oak shelves and drawers are complimented by the Colonial Granite worktop. Fitted with electrical sockets means this space is fully functional so no more carrying your heavy mixer back and forth from the cupboard!

Our second built-in pantry features many storage spaces for all your favourite foods and even has a dedicated bread drawer. Our pantries are completely customisable so you can have; as many cake drawers as you want, you can swap out any drawers for hide away chopping boards, cutlery drawers or possibly even more cake drawers!

All elements of this pantry and made of Lancaster Oak with a lovely natural finish that compliments the Purley Marine doors and gold handles. This will be the talking piece in any kitchen.


We hope this guide has been helpful! Get in touch with one of our Kitchen Designers to find out how you can get your dream kitchen!


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