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Purley in Light Grey


Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Spring is almost upon us, so sticking with the theme of all things new and exciting, we’re examining the latest and most exciting kitchen trends for 2017. Our product design team and specialist designers take inspiration from a wide variety of sources to bring you the most exciting and influential kitchen trends. Here we look at some of our favourite picks for the coming months.



One of the most exciting trends for the coming year, we think, is the emergence of natural surfaces in the kitchen. Now, granite, stone and marble have long been used as worktops in kitchens but this trend will start to see stone effect doors and worksurfaces really come to life. Used in combination with woodgrains they add stunning texture and contrast to any design. Don’t discount woodgrain though. Woodgrain doors and surfaces are incredibly popular at the minute and show no sign of slowing down. Instead of replacing woodgrain with stone effect, think about combining the two for a bang-on trend design. This striking kitchen uses natural surfaces to create a remarkable effect. Stone effect doors and worksurfaces have been used in perfect combination with woodgrain drawerfronts. This combination and contrast of textures and colours is truly stunning.


Now we talked about combining stone effect and woodgrain in the last point. But mixing up materials extends beyond the natural effects. A combination of stone effects, woodgrains, metals and solid colours all from a similar colour palette can create really inspiring designs. It can be a bit more challenging combining all of these different elements but the results can be amazing. This combination of stone, metal, painted and woodgrain in the same colour palette would make for a beautiful kitchen.

Texture Palette


The theme of mixing things up continues here as well – this time with contrasting worksurfaces. The key here is combining different styles, materials and even thicknesses to create contrasts of style and texture that will really set your kitchen apart. With the popularity of islands and breakfasts bars this style is even more prominent. Think marble effect island or breakfast bar, with integrated timber food preparation area. This Grange In-Frame kitchen does it to wonderful effect.

Grange In-Frame Oak, Alabaster & Charcoal


Bold primary colours have long been popular in the European markets but have never really taken off in the UK. However, recent European trends are moving towards lighter and more subtle blue and aqua tones. Now this is something we do see taking on back here in Blighty. These shades are far more subtle and work better in combination with current popular design styles like woodgrain. This trend will also be seen in the introduction of blue and aqua toned woodgrain doors. Here we see a Purley kitchen in Powder Blue that has worked beautifully in combination with the ever popular Alabaster to create a modern finish to a traditional kitchen.

Purley Powder Blue & Alabaster


There’s a theme here. Combinations and how you utilise them will be huge for kitchen design trends in 2017. We are used to seeing combinations of different colours previously in kitchens but 2017 is the year where the industry fully embraces combinations of contrasting textures, styles and surfaces to create some truly inspiring designs. We hope you’ve also been inspired by the trends here and as are excited as we are about them. If you’re ready to come and talk to a designer about your project book your free design appointment now.


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