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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

This weeks blog has been submitted to us from one of our Kitchen Components and Accessories suppliers, Hafele. We have been working with Hafele for about 4 years. During this time System Six Kitchens has developed a strong relationship with Hafele. The designers at System Six Kitchens love the Hafele ranges of kitchen accessories and the versatility that they give to any kitchen design.

In the modern world, Ideas For Living believe you shouldn't be compromising with storage solutions in your home. There are some effective, inexpensive and simple solutions to all your storage worries and gripes, just waiting for you to explore! Here's a collection of 10 our top tips to optimise your storage for a sophisticated, clutter-free and organised home.

Keep little hands safe.

Use lockable cleaning baskets to keep your cleaning products nearby, but safe from prying hands! This works in the kitchen, the laundry room and even the bathroom. Safety in the home is paramount, but so is having your bleach on hand when you need it!

Put your storage worries on ice.

Food storage solutions, like vegetable baskets and swing out larders, are best placed near your sink area! No more trails of water drips through your kitchen as you walk from one end to another.

Don’t be left in the dark.

Install strip lights in your wardrobe storage, kitchen drawers and even on shelves to make finding things easier, whilst looking modern and sophisticated!

What happens behind closed doors

A folding ironing board is a great way to hide it from sight, ready for when you next need it! Fitting snugly in a drawer, this could be kept in your lounge, bedroom or kitchen, wherever you choose!

Pull-out all the stops.

Leave behind the days of digging around at the back of dark cupboards by installing modern larder units, like rotary or swing-out, to allow your items to come to you! Gone are the nights of knocking over jars whilst reaching in for the chocolate you hid from the kids at the back of the cupboard!

Don’t go round in circles.

Consider installing carousels in your tricky L-shaped cupboards for much easier access to your pots and pans. Never pull everything out whilst searching for your Wok again!

Suspend your storage doubts.

Use clever wall hanging solutions near your cooking zone, to make sure your utensils are always on hand! Ideas such as a hanging knife holder, spice rack and bottle rack make for easy to access and aesthetically pleasing storage!

Be kind to the Earth

Crush your recycling to a fifth of its size with waste solutions. Hidden from sight amidst your kitchen cupboards, no one will ever know; and you’ll save yourself loads of bin space, as well as helping the environment!

For your summer wardrobe

Got a shelf in your wardrobe you would love to use but just can’t reach? Install pull-down baskets for an easier way to access your winter jumpers in the middle of an English Summer!

Get creative with cutlery

Cutlery drawer inserts aren’t just for cutlery. Use these in your kitchen to store your spices, in your bathroom for beauty products, and in your living room for electronics. Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest, and this one will make a surprising difference to the organisation in your home.

This article was submitted by Hafele Ideas for Living, to view the complete kitchen accessories range and more great prodcuts, please click here.



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