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With Summer upon us, it's the season for BBQ hosting and outdoor eating. For the last few years, we have been spending more time at home than going out or getting on a plane to a different country. This shift has seen a quick rise in outdoor kitchens.



When we refer to an outdoor kitchen at System Six Kitchens, we don't mean something made from bricks or palettes. We recognise that an outdoor kitchen space is a significant investment that should withstand the unpredictable and often harsh British weather. Therefore, our primary concern at the start of this journey is ensuring that the kitchen is well-protected to enhance its longevity.


When it comes to outdoor kitchens, water is a major concern. That's why we've incorporated waterproofing technology into our Manston Door, ensuring that the door is impermeable. The Manston Door is available in various colours and offers customisable options, like weather-resistant handles or Aluma rails, giving you endless design possibilities. Additionally, all the hinges, runners and fixings are constructed from durable stainless steel that resists corrosion, fire and heat.


Covering your kitchen cabinets, cooking equipment and seating areas is crucial for their longevity and usability. Consider investing in a good quality pergola that not only looks good but also protects your outdoor kitchen from the elements all year round.


An outdoor kitchen is a great addition to any home, providing you with a perfect space to entertain guests and enjoy the luxury of cooking outside. Regardless of the weather, your outdoor kitchen will always be usable, and it can even add value to your house if it has a permanent structure covering and protecting it.



When planning your outdoor kitchen, location is key. Choosing a space near your home makes it easier to maintain and access perishable food items without needing a fridge.

Moving further into the garden and away from the house, you will get a more secluded feeling and feel like a separate place. However, there are some drawbacks to this. One of them is the issue of power. To avoid having to go back and forth to the house constantly, you'll need to figure out how to get electricity to your fridge, freezer and other appliances if you plan to have them further away.




When these customers came to System Six Kitchens, they wanted to maximise their time outside without being dictated by the weather. With close family members having worked with System Six Kitchens previously, they engaged with us, confident in our ability to deliver a project using the latest innovation in technology, whilst ensuring the project design would allow for something aesthetically pleasing and functional.


The Manston door comes in a wide range of colours, with more than twenty options to choose from. The customers opted for Reed Green, which complemented the natural materials used in their build, including red brick, Oak timber and recycled slate. Most outdoor kitchens are typically constructed entirely of stainless steel, which can look too modern for some. However, the customer preferred a traditional look to match the style of their home.


The finished outdoor space is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, featuring a Quooker boiling water tap, an under-mounted Belfast sink and waterfall-edge granite worktops. The choice of natural stone protects the cabinets from the heat of the barbecue. The customers also added a pull-out bin and wine cabinet to make it feel like their home away from home.

Since the kitchen was fitted earlier in the year, they have used the space as a family several times a week and also hosted friends, using the barbecue and pizza oven to cater.


Are you interested in adding an outside kitchen to your home? Book an appointment with one of our talented designers today.


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