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handleless kitchen


Saleem and Cara were prepared when it came to sourcing and designing their dream kitchen. From researching local suppliers and manufacturers, to planning out their available space, the couple were well informed when they decided to source their kitchen from System Six Kitchens.


When Saleem and Cara were researching kitchen manufacturers, they looked into everything from where the manufacturer was based, to cabinet construction and internal mechanisms.

System Six was the showroom that ticked all the boxes for Saleem and Cara.

One of the big draws of System Six was the fact the kitchens are manufactured locally. Saleem knew that if they were to have any issues, System Six was on their doorstep, available to help them out and rectify any issues immediately.

When it came to price, Cara and Saleem received several quotes and found System Six to be competitive.

The couple also read Google and Facebook reviews, taking the number of people who provided reviews and the star rating into account, which supported their decision in choosing System Six as their kitchen supplier. Saleem and Cara also viewed the family run element of the business favourably. This resonated with them as they have their own family run business, and they found it added a personable element to the brand image.

Once the kitchen project was underway and at the fitting stage, the couple met System Six kitchen fitter, Richard Heyward, and took him on. Saleem found he got on very well with Richard, as they both have a very high attention to detail. Upon meeting Richard, the couple were confident that their kitchen was being fitted by a highly skilled, professional.

handleless kitchen
handleless kitchen


From the start, Saleem and Cara knew what the general layout of the kitchen would be. They had completed lots of research in preparation of finding a kitchen supplier, so they had a fair idea of the style they were after and the placements of their appliances.

The couple set out with the idea of choosing a white and gloss design. They knew they didn’t want any colour on the kitchen units as they wanted a design that offered longevity.

As part of Saleem’s preparation for visiting kitchen showrooms, he’d drawn a scaled version of the kitchen layout they’d like. The couple knew this layout would fit well within the space they had available, so Anna kept the design and made suggestions of different cabinet options and introduced them to a number of internal mechanisms, including corner mechanisms to enable easier cabinet access in awkward spaces.

One of the design elements Saleem and Cara had settled on, was ensuring the cooker and oven weren’t in view when guests entered their house. With the L-shaped kitchen design, this was made possible, with their Smart Fridge and island the immediate focus within the room.

The island within the kitchen was perfect for Saleem and Cara, and their children. The large island is used as a dining table, and with the pop-up charging socket, it is the perfect social space for the entire family. The design brings the family together, with the kids working on homework while Saleem and Cara cook in the kitchen. The design of the island works as a contrast to the glossy kitchen doors, drawing in the eye and acting as a natural gathering point. Saleem and Cara hadn’t initially known what style of worktop they wanted. So, it was when they saw a Neolith worktop on display in the showroom that they got the idea. The worktop within the showroom had some embossed detailing on it, and while they liked that, they weren’t sure whether that look would date, so they ultimately opted for a plainer Neolith style.

When it came to choosing which door style Saleem and Cara wanted, it was a relatively straight forward process as they knew what look they were after. There were a few options available for slab, gloss doors, but the couple chose Manston due to the doors edge. Manston offers the option of a brushed aluminium edge. Many of the similar styles Saleem had seen elsewhere didn’t offer the brushed look, just an aluminium strip, which didn’t look as realistic.

To match the aluminium strip on the Manston door, Cara and Saleem chose Aluminium recessed rails for their true handleless kitchen design. To continue this theme throughout the kitchen, they asked for a matching strip of aluminium to be attached to the base of their kitchen island. This was something Saleem had seen on a display in a different showroom and thought both for aesthetic and protection purposes, it was a good idea, however System Six hadn’t sourced that material before. Showroom Manager, Chris, managed to find something similar, so they were able to complete their dream design.

One significant element of this kitchen is that it is completely bespoke. The plinth throughout this design is shorter than usual, resulting in all cupboards being different to those of a standard height. This meant Anna needed to ensure the kitchen was designed perfectly to work with all the unusual sizes.

With the kitchen having a simple design, Saleem and Cara decided to opt for a splash of colour on the wall. One wall within the kitchen was daubed in a sunny yellow, keeping the space bright and cheerful. It was a bold move for the couple, but they saw it as an opportunity to use colour within the room as a quick and inexpensive tool to refresh the space.


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