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Contemporary In-Frame Kitchen


As part of Sarah and Jim’s home extension, the couple started their hunt for a new kitchen. After visiting various showrooms and researching options, they began a design on an luxurious In-Frame Kitchen. Based on a strong recommendation, they decided that System Six were the right people to call.


We asked Sarah what convinced her to choose System Six for her dream kitchen…

“Jim and I started our journey by researching different kitchen types as we had planned a home extension. It didn’t take us long to decide that we wanted a luxury, contemporary kitchen. We went to what must have been between 10 and 12 different kitchen companies at which point we made the decision to agree on an In-Frame Kitchen. This was closely followed by ‘We want a very good quality In-Frame Kitchen’.

I eventually got in touch with System Six as a few of my friends have had a System Six Kitchen, and highly recommended the company.”

Sarah continued…

“I made a visit to System Six Kitchens before we needed the kitchen, simply to look around the showroom and to see what was available. It was here that I met one of your kitchen designers. He was awesome, and I must have been there for over an hour looking at your entire range! He showed me absolutely everything System Six had to offer such as the pantry which I instantly fell in love with. By this time, I had decided that I wanted a Sage Green kitchen as I felt it would go well with the style of our house. At this point, I also knew that I wanted the design to be contemporary but sympathetic to our traditional property.”


Sarah gave us some insight into some of her initial design choices…

“After our initial visit, we came back and met System Six Designer Anna who would end up being the designer for our kitchen. With Anna’s help, we quickly decided against some of the more intricately designed doors purely because of our Dogs and our desire for something a bit more hard-wearing. This worked out well for us since we were after what I would describe as ‘traditional with a contemporary flair’ anyway, which allowed us more flexibility on door choice. We decided to opt for the Bampton door because of its versatility – it’s essentially a modern take on a traditional shaker door.”

Sarah then filled us in on her colour choice…

“Jim and I put a lot of thought into choosing the right colour for the kitchen, we definitely wanted to choose something that would stand the test of time. Before we made a visit to System Six, we viewed several other kitchens and felt that certain colours simply wouldn’t age well. In one showroom, Jim and I saw a Lime Green & White Gloss kitchen which we didn’t think would have aged well at all! The Sage Green we decided on is complemented by the end wall, which we painted in Dark Grey, and does a tremendous job at highlighting our fantastic Kitchen Island. We feel that these colours are timeless and since Jim and I aren’t moving anytime soon, we see it as an investment into our home.”

Finally, Sarah elaborated on her choice of lighting…

“The lighting was designed so that when the main lights are switched off, the strip lights beneath the Kitchen Island remain illuminated, creating a new feeling entirely.”

Contemporary In-Frame Kitchen
Contemporary In-Frame Kitchen


We asked Sarah what her favourite element of the kitchen is…

“My favourite area of the kitchen is definitely the Island, simply because of the sociability and pure size of it!

I’ve never had a kitchen island before, and because I’m still working from home, I get to go to the island every morning to have breakfast. The kitchen has become such a bright and open room, and not much can beat the warm sensation of sitting down having breakfast in the morning with the sun shining through my windows.”

Sarah continued…

“I’m a keen cook, so the way the kitchen is designed perfectly suits my lifestyle. For example, our Custom Kitchen Pantry can store all of my baking equipment and more, which works with my tendency to spontaneously bake! I saw a pantry in the System Six Showroom during my first visit, and at the time I was very enthusiastic about getting one because of how breathtakingly beautiful it was and because of its capability to house all our kitchen equipment – our crockery could now have a dedicated home! This combined with the space I’ve now got to prepare food makes life so much more convenient for me.”

Jim added…

“When we have friends over on a Sunday, they no longer want to sit at the table because they would rather sit at the island! We do quite a lot of entertainment here, so having the island for people to sit around is a huge benefit. We have never had an island before, but it just works, and that was really the most important thing – that it worked for us.”

“We have never really had a space where people can socialise. In our old kitchen, friends and family would tend to stand awkwardly in the kitchen. Now they can comfortably lounge in the kitchen. The island is a social gathering point and there isn’t a more satisfying feeling than watching your friends and family walk in and say ‘wow’.”


Finally, we asked Sarah for her thoughts on System Six Designer, Anna…

“Anna was great. She was able to consider areas that we may have overlooked in our design and came in with useful prompts such as ‘have you considered the impact of this element on the kitchen?’. As well as helping Jim and I develop our initial design to give the kitchen a more contemporary look, she knew exactly what I wanted and placed our appliances appropriately to provide a high level of functionality.

Anna pulled everything together and converted the design in our heads, into reality.

The result is beautiful, and when I finally started to fill the kitchen with our cutlery, books and small appliances, we began to see the result of all our hard work. We can now see everything and we are no longer stacking things up or cramming things in cupboards because we now have the space.”


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