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Kitchen design concept


After years of using numerous different kitchen door brochures simultaneously and watching customers struggle to choose from literally hundreds of options, in 2011 we decided it was high time to simplify the range of kitchens we were offering.

We delved into the details of every kitchen door on the market to determine the best on offer, looking at all aspects from quality, to colour choice, to price. Working alongside our suppliers on product development in order to adhere to the strict criteria we had put in place, we created a selection of doors that became our first Quantum range, launched in 2012.

Marine shaker kitchen


Quantum is our very own brand of kitchens. The Quantum range is an amalgamation of the very best kitchen doors on the market, packaged in a concise and easily digestible manner.

Independent kitchen retailer


Since its launch in 2012, Quantum has grown in popularity and is not only sold via the System Six Showroom. Quantum is now available through a network of independent showrooms, just like our own, across the South and South West of England and South Wales.

Kitchen styles


The Quantum kitchen range is split into 3 categories, each with its own brochure.

Origin – Origin is classed as our eclectic selection. Styles encompass shaker, J-handle and slab doors but all sitting on standard System Six cabinetry.

Aluma – The theme of our Aluma range is modern, true handleless kitchens, often thought of as Germanic in style. These kitchens require a dedicated range of System Six cabinets, all notched to accommodate the stylised metal trim.

Elegance – Described as our Classic collection, Elegance is dedicated purely to in-frame kitchens. Definitely at the traditional end of the kitchen design spectrum, Elegance kitchens are characterised by individual, timber frames surrounding each door.

Each range is updated annually, following replication of that same initial procedure of in-depth research and development.

Elegant In-frame dark kitchen


All Quantum kitchens are guaranteed for 25-years from the date of installation.

Unusually, our guarantee does not just cover cabinetry, it includes doors, drawer fronts, drawer boxes, runners and hinges.

become a Quantum Studio Partner


If you are the owner of a kitchen showroom and are looking for a new kitchen supplier, please get in touch to find out more about our complete kitchen service.

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