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Our Exeter Kitchen Showroom

Support your local economy

Buying locally can directly support our business which helps us continue to employ and support over 40 families. Keeping money in the local economy by cutting out the middleman is also a benefit. Wherever possible we source all of our materials locally and our other service suppliers are Exeter based where possible. We wholeheartedly believe that buying locally continues to help Exeter and the Southwest out of the recession and will build brighter futures for the entire region.

Small scale producers often struggle to compete with larger, retail chains. This is not the case at System Six Kitchens. With our dedicated manufacturing facility we are able to offer the most competitive pricing with the highest quality product – guaranteed for 25 years!

Buying locally supports the local economy

Reduce your “kitchen miles”

Another reason to buy locally is to reduce your kitchen miles! When ordering a kitchen from a retail chain,your kitchen would be shipped from a centralised manufacturing facility; Our kitchens are made in Exeter and delivered to the surrounding area. As well as this we utilise FSC certified materials as well as using green technology in house to reduce wastage and ensure that any wastage that does occur is used to heat our premises! Our kitchens offer a greener alternative to large retail chains.

Get better Service

We pride ourselves on our second to none customer service. You can see from our case studies that we have many, many satisfied customers and that is because we do not stop until our customers are satisfied.

Buying Local is Easy

Get in contact with us and we can talk you through your kitchen or bedroom purchase to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. Our Kitchen showroom shows a selection of our kitchens and bedrooms and will allow you to get a good idea of what can be achieved.



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