Updated: Jun 26

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At System Six Kitchens we are greener than our Sage Green Shaker Doors, with recycling and renewable energy at the forefront of business. As a company with our own factory on the premises we have control over how manufacturing waste is disposed and realise we hold an environmental social responsibility.

Six initiatives have been implemented at Systems Six Kitchens to stay energy efficient.

  1. System Six has taken steps to reach carbon neutrality by installing a furnace which burns wood waste and uses the subsequent energy created to heat buildings.

  2. Another form of environmentally friendly energy production at System Six are solar panels. These contribute to creating electricity which is used within the factory, offices and showroom.

  3. System Six recycles scrap metal at the local Sims Metal Management to ensure metals are processed whilst keeping business local and minimising CO2 emissions created by transportation.

  4. Cardboard is additionally recycled, as is Polythene, which is baled and collected by Devon Contract Waste for disposal.

  5. Polystyrene is baled into compact bricks and distributed to other businesses who repurpose it.

  6. Left over pallets are either woodchipped and put into the furnace for heating or collected by the public to be used as firewood.

Although we have six eco-friendly initiatives in place, it doesn’t stop there! System Six Kitchens are always looking for ways to evolve and minimise waste. Our latest power saving scheme is to replace all lights that burn excessive levels of energy with new LED lights. For further information about our environmentally sustainable practises or if you would like to get in touch regarding a System Six Kitchen please click the link below.