Today we are all increasingly more energy conscious due to our growing bills. At System Six Kitchens we recognise this need for everyday appliances that use less energy and are going to be less harmful to our environment. Where possible our designers and sales people will always recommend A or above energy rated appliances. Ensuring that all the appliances we sell and install in to your dream kitchen will not cost the earth to use.

Last year we predicted that the Boiling-Hot water tap will make our kettles redundant. We had such faith that this was the case that at System Six we installed a Boiling Water tap not only in our showroom but also our offices. In our large factory of 35,000 squared foot and 49 employees we now only have one kettle.

Quooker taps are more Energy efficient due to the fact that you only the tap dispense the amount of boiling water that you require, when you require it. There is no energy or heat loss through the water travelling from your boiler to your kitchen.

The Quooker Tap is time saving, no more waiting around for your kettle to boil, especially when all you need is a cuppa. With the redundancy of your kettle, you gain space on your worktop, perfect if you are limited on worktop or trying to keep the designer minimalist look of your dream kitchen.

For your family kitchen the Quooker tap the perfect safety feature. The Quooker tap is child proof, in order to allow boiling water to flow you have to press the safety button twice and twist, young hands are unlikely to this. Also having a Quooker tap removes the risk of pulling the boiling kettle off of the side.

We recommend the Quooker tap in any setting, from family homes to bachelor pads. It is the ultimate gadget. At System Six Kitchens we love them and use them daily! If you would like a demonstration please use the get in touch button below to arrange a showroom appointment, alternatively just pop in to our showroom and ask for a Quooker Tap Cuppa!