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Everyday we are bombarded with information on healthy eating, and so we are all becoming more health conscious with our cooking. With the popularity of health cooking growing we have noticed a growth in enquiries into steam Ovens, so we thought we would explain the benefits of installing a Steam Oven in your kitchen.

Siemens and Neff offer a range of Combi-Steam ovens which are great all rounders, not only can they cook with steam but they also have the facility to bake and roast with the hot air function. These multifunction ovens are perfect in any household. The steam option is now available in selected Siemens Single Multifunction ovens. So if you want a steam oven but you are not sure if you have room in your dream kitchen to accommodate an extra appliance, fear not, one appliance does all.

The health benefits of cooking with steam

By cooking with steam your food will retain a lot of the vitamin and mineral content. Steaming your food means that there is no need to use cooking oils and fats. Cutting just this small amount of fats in your food will make them instantly healthier. Steaming your food means you can cook your food at a lower temperature and so less energy is used in your cooking process. Perfect for reducing your energy bills.

Cook your own restaurant quality food

Cooking with steam ensures that your food maintains form and texture along with its own natural flavoursome juices. Food cooked with a steam oven will remain moist and will not dry out.

Extra benefits of a steam oven

There is no risk of over cooking or burning the food, the moisture in the oven prevents the food drying out. The steam cooking prevents the intermingling of flavours within your oven, so you can cook your savoury and sweet meals at the same time. This makes the preparation of complete meals a doddle. Our customers who have purchased an oven with steam functions have been impressed with the appliances simplicity to use and they have found themselves cooking whole meals from scratch using fresh ingredients.



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