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Introducing... The Cook's Kitchen

Wednesday 25/06/14 . Posted By: Tom Dalton

The Kitchen is an important part of any home, but if you are a cooking enthusiast then it is an area where you can expect immense pleasure and satisfaction, but in order to do so you need to ensure that your kitchen is fit to cook in!

Kitchen World Cup - Devon vs Germany

Wednesday 25/06/14 . Posted By: Tom Dalton

Owing to the disappointingly early exit of England from the 2014 World Cup, we didn’t get to see how our team might have fared against our football arch rivals Germany. Despite this there is still more rivalry between our nations and it is something that we are particularly passionate about. With German Kitchen Manufacturers seeing the UK market as a large target market we are often being told about the virtues of German manufacturing, but on closer inspection is everything as it is hyped up to be?

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