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Welcome Jodi to the System Six Team

Friday 29/04/16 . Posted By: Donna Pagliero

Our showroom is getting busier in every passing week so a decision was made by the senior management team to take on another Showroom Assistant. please welcome Jodi to our team. Read all about Jodi in this article.

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Mike “The Terror” Telford and his Debut Fight for Cancer Research Uk

Thursday 28/04/16 . Posted By: Donna Pagliero

This is the final update on Mike's Ultra White Collar Boxing Challenge! Read all about how he did on fight night in this article!

Tags: All , Charity Events , Staff

Tracey and Donna’s Courgetti Bolognese

Friday 22/04/16 . Posted By: Donna Pagliero

This weekend try cooking Tracey and Donna's Courgetti Bolognese. This meal is perfect for Saturday family Dinner!

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Mike “The Terror” Telford to Take Part in the Charity White Collar Boxing Event

Thursday 21/04/16 . Posted By: Donna Pagliero

Our Factory Manager is taking part in the Ultra White Collar Boxing Challenge. Read all about the challenge and sponsor him by reading this article.

Tags: All , Charity Events , Staff

System Six Kitchens Picks up the Exeter Living Award for Best Interiors

Friday 15/04/16 . Posted By: Donna Pagliero

On Thursday 14th April 2016, we received the Exeter Living Interiors Award of 2016. We were blown away! Read all about this award and the awards ceremony in this article.

Tags: All , Company , Showroom , Staff

In Frame Kitchens Explained

Thursday 14/04/16 . Posted By: Donna Pagliero

The System Six Explained Series continues. In this article we are explaining the details of an in frame kitchen, ordinarily we use in frame doors to create traditional styles. However, these doors are incredibly versatile and can look very contemporary with the right accessories.

Tags: All , Company , Showroom

Jim's Fruity Flan

Friday 08/04/16 . Posted By: Donna Pagliero

This weeks recipe of the week is Jim's Fruity Flan. This dessert is the perfect accompaniment to any summery afternoon. Click here to read how to recreate this Flan in your kitchen.

Tags: All , Recipes

10 Ways Storage Can Work Harder In Your Home!

Thursday 07/04/16 . Posted By: Donna Pagliero

This weeks Guest Blog is from Hafele, one of our suppliers of Kitchen Components and Accessories. If your Kitchen Storage is uninspiring and needs updating you need to read this article.

Tags: All , Company , Showroom